Zupapa trampoline vs Jumpflex

Initially we just had a single trampoline in our backyard which is from Zupapa and few months back we had another one installed just near to it. The trampoline we purchased this time was from Jumplex. The reason we had to purchase another one is because our grand children had a quarrel with each other on who to jump on the trampoline. As now we have two trampolines in our backyard and I though why not write a comparison on both of them so my blog reader could easily decide which one to buy.

At a Glance:

Size comparison

Both of the trampoline’s (Zupapa and Jumpflex) we have frame size of 15ft (458 cm). In easy terms it is the length from one end of the trampoline to another. A 15 ft trampoline is my favorite size as it is equally good for kids under 9 years of age, teenage kids and adults as well.

Spring Count comparison

Number of springs should be your checkpoint while you are about to decide which trampoline you should buy.

Zupapa trampoline takes the lead in this competition with 108 springs, while Jumpflex has 96 springs. We were not aware of that initially but there is a small story attached to it. One day I heard my grand kids quarreling over who who jump on Zupapa. I inquired them why they are preferring one over the other when both have same size of 15 ft.

My grand children informed me that whoever jumps over the Zupapa trampoline wins the highest jumping competition.

To my curiosity I googled the factors affecting how high the trampoline make you jump, and from there I came to know about the importance of number of springs.

Although the springs in Zupapa are more but it may be noted that the Zupapa spring size is 7 inch while the Jumpflex spring size is 7.8 inches. It means that the springs of Jumpflex are strong and slightly larger in size.

Warranty and support comparison

Zupapa beats Jumpflex in terms of warranty and support again. Although both of these brands come with a 10 years warranty. However only Zupapa offers free replacement of all parts in case of any damage. Jumpflex will however will charge you only half the price.

In terms of springs, Jumpflex beats Zupapa by giving 5 years warranty however Zupapa only offer 2 years warranty on springs.

Weight bearing comparison

Both Zupapa and Jumpflex and bear a weight of a lot of kids even bulky one’s. However due to more strong spring Jumpflex is the winner. By documentation Zupapa can carry weight of 425 pounds while Jumpflex being a winner can bear weigth up to 550 pounds.

So in simple weight if you need trampoline for over weight people your choice should be Jumpflex.

Jumping mat size comparison

The Zupapa jumping mat has a diameter of 13.4ft while Jumplex mat has diamter of 13.1 ft.So in comparison you can say that Zupapa gives you more room for jumping. Also if you have lot of kids to jumps simultaneously, Zupapa is better option.

Product Weight comparison

The weight o the trampoline is also a deciding factor as it determines how stable the trampoline remains. Zupapa trampoline weighs 207 lbs however the Jumplex trampoline weighs almost 190 lbs. This difference in weight might be due to the lesser number of springs in Jumpflex.

Review and Selling Ratio comparison

The Zupapa trampoline has got almost 90 percent 5 star ratings at Amazon with a total of 2100 ratings. However although the Jumpflex trampoline has got 100 percent 5 star rating but it has got just 6 reviews. It means that overall the Zupapa is the more hot selling cake.

Zupapa Trampoline

Best Pick


  • Frame size 15 ft.
  • 108 springs
  • 207 lbs weight
  • 425 pounds weight carrying capability
  • 2100 ratings at Amazon mostly 5 star


  • carry less weight as compared to Jumpflex

Jumpflex Trampoline

Staff Pick


  • Frame size 15 ft.
  • 96 springs
  • 190 lbs weight
  • 550 pounds weight carrying capability
  • Nearly 7 5 star ratings at Amazon


  • lesser springs as compared to Zupapa


Now its all up to you, which brand you choose we have placed in-front of you detailed comparison of both brands. However as per my view if you have healthier kids Jumpflex is a better option.

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