Best civilization board games in 2021

I played Civilization based board games for the first time in 2019 and since them I am a huge fan of these games. In this post I have shared the games that are most interesting and would be a great time killer. There are five phases in this game which are start of turn, trade, city manager and research. This game based upon culture and conquest can be played by tow to four people.

At a Glance:

The basic theme is that civilizations attack and conquer other civilizations (players) and the rule of the survival of fittest applies here as well. In comparison to real world Russia or Soviet Union civilization is beaten up and United States of America is the new civilization that will rule the world.

The game can be easily learnt in 10 minutes to play through this video.

Reasons to play civilization board games

Civilization board games are a great way to entertain yourself and your friends. They can be a great way to relieve stress, tension, and boredom. They can also help you improve your problem-solving skills, strategic planning abilities, and thinking speed. Not to mention, they’re just plain fun! So next time you’re feeling down or restless, try reaching for a board game instead of the television remote. Who knows? You might just find your new favorite pastime!

Board games are not just a way to pass the time; they can actually have significant benefits for your brain. According to a recent study published in the journal Nature, playing board games can help improve your memory and lower your risk of developing dementia.

Our recommendations for best civilization board games

Here is the list of best games for both kids and adults according to our review team.

DesignToys for Grown upsRetailer
Best PickSid Meier's Civilization
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Staff PickAge of Civilization Strategy Game
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Staff PickThrough The Ages: A New Story of Civilization
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Budget PickFantasy Flight Civilization
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Tapestry Board Game
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Sid Meier’s Civilization

Best Pick

Sid Meier’s Civilization is great strategy board game. It can help you enhance your analyzing and decision making skills. This board game is designed for maximum 4 people. Let me give you a short idea of what this board game is all about. You must have heard of the famous game Sid Meier’s: Civilization VI. You can think of this board game as its real life copy in the form of a board game. In this game you have to build a civilization and make it stronger than your rivals. It comes with cards and each card has his own command written on it.

The cards are in perfect condition and be rest assured no part of the game is missing or broken. This is a board game for people above 12 or if any younger child is playing it he must be supervised by an elder because the parts of the board game are small and children can eat them. But if your child is in high-school this would be an ideal present.

Age of Civilization Strategy Game

Staff Pick

Age of Civilization Strategy Card Game is a great board game it has over 100 5 stars review on Amazon and board game review website. This board game is pretty alike the last one. In this board game we have to build up our civilizations and overcome our weaknesses. This game is designed for 3 people. To complete one full game of this board game it takes about 25-30 minutes. It is great toy to help you enhance your decision making skills. This game is based on the fact that every player makes his own civilization grow by himself.

As the game progress each civilization attacks on each other and the last man standing wins but there is a catch. It comes with cards that have challenges written on them. And every civilization must overcome those challenges to progress. In my opinion this is a great board game.

Through The Ages: A New Story of Civilization

Staff Pick

This board game is based on the past of the European nation Czech-Republic. It is great strategy game and it is quite a lot of fun to play. You start from small tribe of people and work yourself up to greater heights. This is a four player game so never let your guard down. Last man standing wins it all. It’s a little hard to understand at first but when you get use-to of it, it’s quite fun. The thing that makes it interesting is its rules and timelines. Behind each card there are different timelines and rules written. Every player must follow the rules if they want to win it all. The cards are in perfect condition any broken are missing part can be replaced. So in my opinion it’s a great game to play with your family and friends.

Fantasy Flight Civilization

Budget Pick

This is one of the best board games and is better than monopoly. This game is a strategy game and can be played by many players but the perfect amount of players needed to play this game are 5, which is why it is a family game. Starts from the beginning of the civilization and the road to the future. When playing this game your time will fly and you won’t even think about the time because you will be so much focused. It is a perfect game for children over 14 years old. The cards quality is excellent as it is made by a professional brand Asmodee.

The cards and the board game will be a perfect way to spend the summer or winter college vacations. It will allow your child to play with them for hours upon hours. In my opinion, it is the greatest board game I have ever played.

Tapestry Board Game

It is a game in which we start from the beginning of civilization and then improve your own city. Initially your cousins and friends will call you a noob in this game but it hardly requires half hour and you will be able to beat them. This is a fun board game that you can also play with your family and friends. In this game, you can make your civilization grow from a beginner to a World ruler and improve your technology, exploration and military skills. This game can be played by multiple players that is why it can improve relationship with your family members. Many players say that within a week it is such a good game that after playing it you will be addicted to this board game. Now you don’t have to worry about your child’s eye sight because after playing this game they will never play games on mobile. It is an ideal game for children who are in high school or middle school and you want to decrease their screen time.


To conclude I must say that I and my review team has tried to give honest review of best available civilization based board games. I would be thankful if you comment and write few lines to tell m which gave is best in your point of view and which features inspire you the most.

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