Magnetic chess sets with a notation

Chess is a centuries-old game that has enamored and captivated generations upon generations of players with its complexity, reliability, and competitiveness. It is a fantastic sport that deserves a spot as one of the greatest ones to be invented. Playing it in a modern setting requires a certain transition into a more convenient setting.

While an electronic device is like a tablet. A laptop or phone would be perfectly suited for this, they lack the pizzazz that a hard board and touchable pieces add to the experience. And thus came the handheld chess boards, the feeling of a traditional chess set with some of the convenience highly valued in modern society. They’re great for taking on travels, get together’s, play dates and even casual hangouts.

In this article, we have specifically shortlisted Amazon’s best-selling chess sets that also have the best reviews. We have also ensured that mentioned chess sets fall under the price tag of 50 dollars so you won’t feel an extra burden on your pocket. Finally, our review team chose play sets that come with a notation so that you can easily record your and your opponent’s moves.

Why ?

A magnetic chess set is beneficial because it is easy to pick up the pieces, and it doesn’t make a lot of noise.

The magnets help keep the pieces in place, so they don’t move around as much on the board. This can be helpful, especially if you’re playing with someone else and they keep knocking your pieces over. The magnets will also hold the pieces together so they don’t fall apart when you’re not playing with them.

There are many benefits of playing chess (magnetic or nonmagnetic), both mental and physical.

Mentally, chess can help improve your memory, concentration, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Physical benefits include improved hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Chess can also be a great source of social interaction and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

A study published in the journal “Intelligence” found that people who regularly played chess had better cognitive abilities than those who didn’t play at all. The findings suggest that chess might help improve analytical skills.

So why not give it a try? You might just surprise yourself at how much you enjoy it!

What to look for ?

There is a wide range of magnetic chess sets available on the market, so it can be difficult to know what to look for when choosing one. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Size: Chess sets come in all different sizes, so you’ll need to decide how large you want your set to be. Some sets are small enough to fit in your pocket, while others are much larger. Consider where you’ll be using your set and how much space you have before deciding.

Chess pieces: Not all chess pieces are created equal! Some sets have very intricate and detailed pieces, while others are more basic. It’s up to you which type of pieces you prefer, but keep in

Repairing magnets

If you have lost or misplaced the magnets from your chess set, there are a few things you can do to try and solve the problem. First, check around your home or office for any other objects that may be attracted to magnets. If you find any, they may be able to help you locate the missing chess set magnets. Additionally, try using a metal detector to scan for the magnets. This may require some trial and error, but it is worth a shot. Finally, if all else fails, you can always purchase replacement magnets from a local hardware store or online retailer.

Sometimes you need to apply glue to magnets. You could try using a hot glue gun, or if you have a stronger adhesive, you could try using epoxy. If you’re looking for a way to do it that doesn’t involve any harsh chemicals, you could try using superglue. Just make sure that the surfaces you’re attaching are clean and dry before applying the adhesive.

Famous brands

The Purple Cow Magnetic Chess Game

The purple cow magnetic chess game is a fantastic introduction for any child into the wonderful and complex world of chess and its many opportunities. This fun-sized chess game comes in a fun size that is portable and can easily be taken anywhere to be played with friends and family. It’s tailored toward the younger audience hence the kid-friendly design and eye-catching visuals. It is a fun experience even for adults.

The great visuals and non-intrusive design make it a great learning experience and bring out the best in all the players. If you’re bored of the same old tiring design of the classic chess pieces, then this would be something to spice things up.

Chessman Elite Interactive Electronic Chess Game

By far the most advanced and high-tech-y chess game that you can find in the market, chessman elite is one of the best there is. With multiple features that help anyone to learn the complexities of the game by breaking them down into simple and intuitive concepts, this particular chess piece takes the cake among all of our entries in this list. It’s fun and engaging, modern and sleek, as well as educational and interesting.

Even though it does not need to be hooked up to any computer or laptop, it features a players vs computer mode that pits you against varying difficulties of AI to test and hone your skill in a much more engaging manner than online play might. This makes it fantastic for anyone learning to up their chess playing strategies and learn new skills in an engaging way.

It also has a unique function of referee-ing matches between two players and monitoring their moves, providing hints and predicted outcomes. It is essentially the best parts of the traditional chess sets with all the bells and whistles of the new online chess games.

ThinkFun Brain Fitness Solitaire Chess

ThinkFun Brain fitness took the typical chess game, and revolutionized it. It made something from chess that wasn’t chess, but gave a similar experience.

This is not your typical chess set. It is not even a chess set. It is a solitaire chess set that features completely new rules and gameplay mechanics that are similar enough to chess that it would be equivalent to a chess mode in an online game.

It is engaging for both older and newer players and is sure to provide a fantastic way to pass the time if nothing else. It is definitely one of the top 10 handheld fishing and chess games available in the market at this time due to its uniqueness.

Story time chess

The story time chess takes the arbitrary rule of chess, and gives it a reasoning and story. It makes it intuitive and easy to understand why the king can only move one space but the queen can cross the entire board however she likes. This makes it perfect for teaching children by making the rules more engaging and develops their interest in the game.

Story time chess helps them learn more about story telling and helps develop their imagination as well as critical thinking.

QuadPro Magnetic Travel Chess Set

QuadPro magnetic travel chess set is a classic, traditional and nostalgic chess set that brings all the fun and joy from chess in a slightly stylistic way. It has cute designs on new pieces, folds for easy storage and portability, and it comes with magnetic pieces that don’t fall off the board from a light tap. So whether you want it safe from bumps on the road, or from a particularly peeved opponent, this set has you covered.

The QuadPro travel chess set doesn’t really have any of the bells and whistles that others boast about, it’s a simple chess set and that is it’s biggest feature. Sometimes we want to fall back on what we know best, and this is definitely for those times.

3 in 1 chess set under 50$

Under the price tag of 50 dollars it is one of the hottest selling 3 in 1 chess board game at Amazon. Other than chess you can also play checkers and backgammon. Chess notation is clearly visible on the chess board. Magnets and plastic used in the boar dis of supreme quality and reviews at Amazon are also mostly 5 star.

The quality of magnets used has been tested by our review team and even if you jump on the bed, the chess won’t be disturbed. If you travel a lot on train this is a highly suggested chess board for you.

Juegoal wooden chess board with storage

While remaining under the budget of 50 dollars, it is quite hard to find a wooden chess with storage as well. You can store checker pieces as well in the storage. All chess pieces are handcrafted and look delicate. However this chess set is not magnetic so it is ideal for classical chess lovers.

The wood polish used in the chess board is long-lasting and it is a good gift for your old papa.

Chess board with clock

You will be amazed to know that under 50 dollar, you will not only get a chess set with notation, but you will also receive a chess clock. The chess board is magnetic and you will also receive two extra queens. You can use these extra queens of each color for promoted pawns. The clock will be surely helpful if either of the player is time waster or a dull thinker. You can even penalize him if he takes more time thinking for his next move.

Once folded the chess box won’t close automatically, until you open it yourself willingly.

Chess set with learning guide

If any of your family member is interested in learning how to play chess, then there is no better gift than this play set.

The actual magic is the transparent move guide which will tell the moves of each chess piece even if you forget.

This product is Amazon choice for year 2021 and is one of the most hot selling chess board. All the chess pieces are magnetic and stick well to the board. All the notations are well written on the board as well with dark colors.

Weight chess pieces set

No doubt it is always more fun , to play chess with weighted pieces. Many of such chess sets are expensive, but we have brought to you, under a price tag of 50 dollars, one such set. A chess board comes free with this set as well. You will surely be mesmerized by the polymer chess pieces that come with this set. You not only get extra queens but this extra large size chess set is fold-able as well.

Metal Chess set under 50$

You will be amazed to know that under the price tag of 50 dollars, we have chosen a pure metal chess set as well. Playing chess with metallic golden and silver pieces gives a fabulous royal feeling.

The only downside is that being made of metal it is a bit heavier. Metal used is high quality and totally rust free so you can surely use it for many years.

If you live at a place where there is a lot of humidity, the metal chess set feels like a blessing as it will never get de shaped.

Each chess piece fits in a molded apartment which gives a feeling of a beautiful gift. If you want to give a gift of chess that looks like at least 100 dollar price, this is best option for you.

Chess Set and Checkers 2 in 1 magnetic set

This is one of the hottest selling two-in-one chess and checkers set at amazon. That it is Not only magnetic, but also ideal for traveling because it can be folded instantly.

The board is made up of beech and birch wood, which is famous for its durability and uniform texture. The only downside is that checkers are not magnetic but still being wooden gives them a heavy and classy look.

This wooden chess set is ideal if you have fans installed at home, so you can play chess without worrying of chess pieces being blown away by fan air.


Our review team tried their best to find the best magnetic chess sets under the budget of 50 dollars. We would be glad if you comment below and let us know your opinion about our chosen sets.

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