Guide to monster jam truck toys with kinetic sand

It is pretty challenging to find new and exciting toys for our children to play with and not get bored. But toy companies know what we want. An easy-to-clean-up toy that is good for the children and our mental health as well! In comes the wonderfully unique and mess-less.

Kinetic sand is what playdough wishes it was. Better in every way and infinitely more reusable, this wonderful invention is a great toy for any child with an active imagination and even more active hands. It can be used in a variety of ways; it can be joined together, it can be pulled and pushed, it can pinched, and it can be molded.

Here I have gathered the best monster trucks and molds with kinetic sand that are readily available for everyone and provide the best experience for children and adults.


The Monster toy truck looks like a real truck and has many cool features. It is durable and can take a beating. It will keep your child entertained for hours on end. Plus, it is something that they can use and play with instead of just sitting in front of the television or computer all day long. This is a toy that they will want to play with over and over again.

truck and Kinetic sand play sets are a great way to help children develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The kinetic sand is soft and malleable, so it’s perfect for squeezing, poking, and patting. And since the sand doesn’t stick to clothes or furniture, it’s easy to clean up afterward. Touching and moving the sand encourages children to use their fingers and hands to explore the texture and consistency of the material.

Monster jam truck with kinetic sand combo

Monster jam trucks are specially designed cars used for racing and stunt performances. These trucks are usually significantly larger than regular cars and often have exaggerated features such as large wheels and roll cages.

Kinetic sand is a type of sand that has unique properties that allow it to be easily shaped and molded. Unlike regular sand, kinetic sand does not get stuck together or clump up, making it much easier to clean up after playtime.

Why use kinetic sand with monster jam trucks?

Kinetic sand is the perfect material for building obstacles and ramps for your monster jam trucks to race on. The malleable nature of the sand means that you can create all sorts of different shapes and structures, limited only by your imagination!


1. Decide on the layout of your track. Will it be a straight race track? Or will there be twists and turns? Use your kinetic sand to create the basic shape of the track.

2. Add any obstacles or ramps that you want your trucks to navigate. Remember to make them sturdy so they don’t collapse under the weight of the trucks!

3. Once you’re happy with the design of your track, it’s time to race! Line up your trucks at the start line and let them rip!

4. After everyone has turned, brush off the kinetic sand from the trucks and track, and you’re ready to go again!

Indoor games

1. Monster truck racing: This classic game will get everyone’s competitive juices flowing! Line up your trucks at the start line and see who can make it to the finish first.

2. Monster truck obstacle course: Put your driving skills to the test with this fun and challenging game. Create an obstacle course using your kinetic sand, and see if you can navigate your truck through it without tipping over or getting stuck!

3. Kinetic sand sculpting: Use your monster trucks to inspire some creative sculpture work! See who can create the most realistic or detailed sculpture using only the kinetic sand.

4. Hide and seek: This is a great game to play when trying to clean up all the kinetic sand! One person hides the trucks in the sand, and then everyone else has to find them. The first person to find all the trucks is the winner!

5. Hot potato: This game is played with two or more players. Each player puts their monster truck on the track, and then one player starts the music. When the music stops, whoever is holding the truck is out! The last person standing is the winner.

Cleaning tips

After gameplay, you must clean the sand as well. Here are some tips for you.

1. Use a dustpan and brush to sweep up any large pieces of sand.

2. Use a soft brush to suck up any remaining sand with a vacuum cleaner.

3. If still some stubborn pieces of sand are left behind, try using a damp cloth to wipe them away.

4. Once all the sand has been cleaned up, wash your hands thoroughly!

Size Guide

1. Monster jam trucks come in a variety of sizes, from 1:64 scale all the way up to 1:10 scale.

2. The size of the truck will usually depend on the type of truck and its purpose. For example, racing trucks are often smaller to be more agile, while stunt trucks are often larger to accommodate the extra weight and height.

3. Some monster jam trucks even come with their own trailers! These are great for storing your trucks when you’re not using them or for taking them to different tracks and events.


1. There are tons of different accessories available for monster jam trucks, from lights and sound effects, to ramps and other track pieces.

2. If you’re looking to add some extra realism to your trucks, there are also a variety of decals and paint schemes available.

3. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s sure to be an accessory or two that will take your truck to the next level!

Age Group

1. Monster trucks and kinetic sand are great for kids of all ages.

2. However, younger children may need some help getting started with the trucks, as they can be a bit tricky to control at first.

3. Once they get the hang of it, they’ll be zooming around and having a blast! Kinetic sand is also great for little ones, as it’s easy to mold and shape into whatever they can imagine.

4. Ultimately, these toys are perfect for kids who love to get dirty and have fun!

My favorites

DesignBaby And toddler toysRetailer
1. Monster Jam Monster Dirt Arena Playset
Check Price
2. Monster Jam Earth Shaker Monster Dirt Starter Set
Check Price
3. Monster Jam El Toro Loco Monster Dirt Deluxe Set
Check Price
4. Monster Jam Official Zombie Madness Playset
Check Price
5. Monster Jam Max D Monster Dirt Deluxe Set
Check Price
6. Monster Jam Soldier Fortune Monster Dirt Deluxe Set
Check Price
7. Monster Truck Arena Stunt Stadium with Play Dirt
Check Price
8. Monster dirt arena set stadium
Check Price
9. Kinetic Sand refill for truck arena
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Best Pick10. Blue Thunder Monster Dirt Starter Set
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1. Monster Jam Monster Dirt Arena Playset

The first item on our list is a 1:64-sized monster truck with a massive 24-inch vast dirt arena alongside 2 pounds of monster dirt. Monster dirt is a new and exciting type of kinetic sand that gives the feeling of the sand in the actual monster truck arenas and is easier to manage than regular sand.

The monster jam monster dirt arena playset comes with an exclusive Max-D monster truck with greater detail than ever. It even has the iconic dirt-stained BKT tires that any enthusiast would recognize. This playset comes with many other accessories like entry ramps, a scoreboard, a car mold, sculpting tools, and many others that will help your child create their own custom experience and better play around with their imagination. This is one of the best monster trucks and molds with kinetic sand that you could find anywhere.

The truck has a regal silver finish and a lot of small tiny details that give it a greater depth than most toys on the market. The arena is relatively big and has plenty of room for the child to move the big hunky truck around and have fun. It also comes with many different tools and gear to help make an excellent presentation for your children and make their play session much more fun. While maybe not the definitive best monster trucks and molds with kinetic sand, it’s one of the contenders.

2. Monster Jam Earth Shaker Monster Dirt Starter Set

This monster truck set with kinetic sand has its unique monster truck to keep your child busy admiring it and different things to play around with, including a launch ramp to blast off into space and a bunch of monster dirt to muck around in with their fantastic truck.

It is easy to mold and cleans up because the monster dirt is a modified version of kinetic sand. That means that it sticks to itself and not to you. This means you can easily clean the mess with a single broom sweep. It’s a perfect gift for the holiday season for any child ages three and up. It’s also great for the parents since it keeps those little buggers busy and doesn’t make the entire house into a dirt park.

The truck has a cute yellow and dirt brown color scheme that lends well to its monster truck physique. The splashy paint job brings it to life. For me, this was 100% one of the best monster trucks and molds with kinetic sand playsets I could find, but others in the office disagreed, saying the yellow color was too glaring and didn’t go well with the sand. To each their own, I say, to each their own.

3. Monster Jam El Toro Loco Monster Dirt Deluxe Set

This monster truck toy set is one of the best monster trucks and molds with kinetic sand available in the market simply due to the fantastic and authentic El Toro Loco monster truck that is recognizable to any monster truck enthusiast. Not only is this a fantastic toy to play with, it is also great as a collector’s item for anyone interested in monster trucks due to its exclusive nature.

It’s great for children and allows them to look into the high-octane fun riddled world of monster truck racing, design their tracks, and feel just what the pros feel when they are in the arena with their beefy vehicles in front of a massive crowd. The monster sand increases the immersion with its coarse texture but keeps the clean-up manageable for the parents once the messy children are done with their playtime.

The truck has a beautiful flame design on its body and horns that help bring some character to the monster truck. It has teeth like paint on the front wheel protector, and the wheels themselves have a dirt-riddled BKET design that makes the truck seem more authentic than most toys.

4. Monster Jam Official Zombie Madness Playset

The official zombie madness playset for the monster jam monster truck sets is one of this series’s more unique and exciting toys. The truck is made with a zombie aesthetic in mind, with articulated zombie arms and a plague-like paint job over its main body. It also has protruding teeth along its edges and green tinted tires for maximum zombie apocalypse vibes.

The playset includes a big gaping zombie mouth to jump through, a break-away gate to break out of, and a launch pad to help fulfill those desires of living through a zombie apocalypse that your child may have; all in high octane fun riddled fashion.

5. Monster Jam Max D Monster Dirt Deluxe Set

The monster jam max D monster dirt deluxe set is one of the best monster trucks and molds with kinetic sand on the market today. It comes with a fantastic one to sixty-four scale-faithful to reality Max-D monster truck that brings itself to life on the synthetic nontoxic monster dirt and a myriad of accessories and layouts to help your child build their adventure into the monster trucking world.

This model of their toy line is one of the best monster trucks and molds with kinetic sand that they sell.

6. Monster Jam Soldier Fortune Monster Dirt Deluxe Set

Due to the lunch ramp mold that comes with this monster jam truck, this becomes a lot of fun and entertainment. Not only that it contains 16 oz of dirt, but it also contains firework spouts. These firework spouts and entry gates look at the real truck competition.

The truck is army-shaded in color and with minute details, which make it look great. The monster dirt is easy to clean and gives your kid hours of fun and creativity.

Kids can simulate a real soldier fortune truck with their friends and have lots of fun together. This activity can help your kids interact and socialize with their friends in the real world. Not only this, but they will decrease the time spent in front of the mobile screen.

7. Monster Truck Arena Stunt Stadium with Play Dirt

When you have multiple friends to play with simultaneously, this monster truck stadium is your ideal choice as it contains two trucks included with the set. Not only that, but this set has a lot of play dirt of 1lb weight, so you can fill the complete stadium with dirt and simulate a real stadium.

Another great thing about this monster truck stadium is eight different molds to make different shapes of obstacles for your stadium with kinetic sand.

One mold is very interesting as it can be sued to make a ring of fire from which the trucks jump and pass. The dirt is high quality and never dries, and is nonstick so that you can create exciting molds.

8. Monster dirt arena set stadium

This monster truck stadium comes with only one large truck and a lot of monster dirt. Most sets have 1 lb dirt, but this set has 2 LB dirt. Scoreboard and spectator images on the stadium sides give a very real feeling. With four entry ramps, four friends can play together, and role plays like monster truck drivers and compete with each other.

Extra tracks can also be attached to this dirt arena, adding to the fun.

One exciting game kids can play with this set is that they try to jump their monster truck, and whose ever truck reaches the farthest and lands safely without being turned over will be declared a winner.

9. Kinetic Sand refill for truck arena

With time, the monster dirt vanishes away or becomes significantly less. In this scenario, you can always have some refill of kinetic sand. This refill can be used for various modeling projects like making candles, slime, or shapes with kinetic sand. For long-lasting monster dirt, you should place it in a sealed container. Also, ensure that kids won’t add water to the monster dirt as it loses its texture and quality.

10. Blue Thunder Monster Dirt Starter Set

Best Pick

With almost all five-star ratings, this is the most hot-selling monster truck on Amazon with kinetic sand.

What is unique about this set is that it has a separate container where you can put the kinetic sand.

Another good reason to buy this play set is that it allows you to make your ramps with the help of the molds provided.


Whether it’s monster trucks or kinetic sand, they are both fantastic toys for children on their own. However, together they bring out the best in each other and elevate the level of the play-set to another level. They make fantastic toys to keep children occupied and bring out the best of their imaginations.

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