Guide to magical water floating pen

Unleash your inner artist with Magical Water Floating Pen! With this easy-to-use tool, you can bring your creativity to life. Draw on almost any surface, from paper and spoons to hands – whatever suits the situation best! The non-toxic paintbrush is gentle enough for all skill levels while providing precise marking so that no detail gets lost in translation.

At a glance

Qetrabone water floating pen->This revolutionary pen defies gravity, allowing it to effortlessly float on water, making it perfect for all types of environments, including the poolside or the beach.

When artwork comes into contact with water, it magically floats like an enchanting work of art come alive – wipe off mistakes with a cloth and start anew again without leaving traces or smudges behind. Create one of kind pieces by exploring unique possibilities through the power of imagination armed only by a Magic Water Floating Pen at hand!

The possibilities are endless with this amazing tool – write your name, draw a creature or make a tattoo on your skin! Give yourself the opportunity to explore and create something special. With Magical Water Floating Pen, you can bring any idea to life in no time at all. Get creative and have fun with this amazing pen!

Usage Steps

1. Keep the ceramic spoon dry before drawing with the pen.

2. Prepare a ceramic spoon, a paper towel, and a bowl of warm water (not too shallow).

3. Carefully float the pen on the ceramic spoon and create your unique art piece.

4. After drawing, wait for 10 seconds before slowly putting it into the water at a 45 degrees angle – this helps activate the ink and ensures a smooth finish.

5. Your artwork will magically float in the water as if there is life!

6. Finally, remember to wipe clean with a paper towel and keep the ceramic spoon dry the second time after drawing an embossing.

7. Enjoy your beautiful creation with Magical Water Floating Pen!

Games with Water floating pen

  • Magical Water Floating Pen makes for a fun and creative game! You can challenge your friends to see who can draw the best fish or any other object you desire. It’s a great way to spend time with family, friends, or yourself. See who has the steadiest hand or create a competition based on speed – the possibilities are endless when playing with the Magical Water Floating Pen! Plus, you’ll have some unique artwork that will bring smiles to everyone’s faces. Unleash your inner artist today and get drawing with Magical Water Floating Pen!
  • Playing educational games is a great way to have fun with Magical Water Floating Pen. For example, teach kids the alphabet by having them draw each letter onto a spoon and then drop it into water. The letter will float in the liquid, and they can practice writing the letters while watching it move. You can also play guessing games, such as guessing what animal or shape someone has drawn on their hand before revealing it! These games are great for younger children to learn and explore their creativity. With Magical Water Floating Pen, learning can be fun!
  • Get ready, kids! It’s time to learn your ABCs and 123s…the Magical Water Floating Pen way! Print colorful letters or numbers on the water’s surface, then challenge yourself (or a friend) to be the first one to drop all five into the pool. Think you’re up for it? Let’s find out who will reign supreme in this floating alphabet game show!
  • Magical Water Floating Pen is a great way for toddlers to learn about colors and shapes in a fun, engaging way. The pen encourages creativity with its unique ability to draw patterns like squares, rectangles, etc, that float in water, helping kids engage their senses as they explore the art world. The easy-to-use brush and non-toxic ink make it safe for little hands – perfect for curious minds.

Things to ponder before buying

When looking for a water-floating pen, it’s important to ensure that the ink used is a non-toxic and certified low-odor formula. It should be harmless to the human body and not contain any dangerous chemicals. Additionally, you want to make sure that the pen is made of high-quality materials such as ABS, which will ensure durability and safety. The pen should also have a smooth edge and surface so that it doesn’t hurt your hands or cause discomfort when used. Finally, look for quick-drying pens with no smudges or traces left behind when wiped off.

Using the magic pen for doodling

Doodling is the creative act of drawing or scribbling on a surface without an intended goal. It can be a great way for children to express themselves and explore their own creativity. With Magical Water Floating Pen, your child can doodle their creations onto ceramic spoons without worrying about messing up the walls or furniture in your home. Plus, the added benefit of seeing the drawn patterns float in the water adds an element of irresistible fun! Let them get creative while still being safe and mess-free with Magical Water Floating Pen!


you can use the Magical Water Floating Pen to draw tattoos directly on your skin. The ink is certified non-toxic and safe for skin contact. However, please note that the tattoos drawn using this pen only last for 2 days due to the ingredients used in its formula. After 2 days, it will fade away and eventually disappear completely.

Another way to use it to make a tattoo is first to make a drawing on the spoon and then dip the spoon in water and press it on your skin where you want the tattoo to appear. The tattoo will be transferred from the spoon to your skin.

If your magic pen dries?

Worried you ran out of ink for your Magical Water Floating Pen? Don’t fret – with just a splash of water or mouthwash; you’ll be able to revive and reuse it in no time! Let the liquid soak for only minutes before wiping away any excess – then get back to creating like never before.

To prevent the Magical Water Floating Pen from drying out, always cover the pen cap after each use. This will help preserve the ink and ensure that your pens are ready when you need them for your next art project. You can also wet the nib with water or mouthwash to reactivate it if needed. With proper care, you can continue creating beautiful 3D effects art with Magical Water Floating Pen.

Using your own spoon

You can draw pictures with your Magical Water Floating Pen with any ceramic spoon! The unique material of the pen ensures that it is insoluble in water, so your designs won’t wash away. If you want to use your own spoon, make sure it has a large surface area and white background to help you ease in drawings.

You can also use a mirror to draw pictures with Magical Water Floating Pen! The pen works best on ceramic surfaces and mirrors and is perfect for creating all 3D art designs. You can also use mirrors to practice writing words or drawing shapes without worrying about smudging them as the ink dries almost instantly.

Water temperature

For best results, warm water above 30 degrees centigrade should be used when using the pen, as it helps activate the ink and ensures a smooth finish.

Other Usage Tips

  • Not only can Magical Water Floating Pen be used to create stunning art pieces, but they can also be used as conventional whiteboard markers. The ink is quick-drying and leaves no trace, meaning you don’t have to worry about smudging or staining your board. The unique material makes it insoluble in water, so it won’t run off while writing or drawing.
  • The Magical Water Floating Pen is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used on surfaces like whiteboard, glass, metal, or ceramics. This feature makes it the perfect addition to any artist’s arsenal, as they can create stunning art pieces with the same pen.

Parents supervision

When using the Magical Water Floating Pen with children, it’s important to provide guidance and assistance. Initially, parents should help their kids by assisting them in drawing on a ceramic spoon. This will ensure they can get their drawings off the spoon into the water without any trouble. It’s also important to remember not to submerge the pen for more than 10 seconds to prevent damage to the material used for making the pen body. With these tips, you and your children can go on a wonderful journey of art exploration! Have fun! Good luck!

Age Limitation

The Magical Water Floating Pen is best used by children at least 7 years old or older. This pen requires a certain amount of skill and dexterity, so that it may be too difficult for younger kids. With some adult guidance, this pen can also be used by teenagers as a fun way to explore their creativity and make unique art pieces in their spare time. So get your pens now and go on an exciting journey with the Magical Water Floating Pen!

Buying experience [Review]

The image I draw on a spoon
My artwork result

I recently purchased the Magical Water Floating Pen from Amazon, and overall I was not too pleased with my buying experience. Although it did arrive quickly, four of the markers were already dried out when I opened it. The ceramic spoon with the pen was also a bit tilted, making it difficult to draw on. Despite these issues, I decided to try the pen since I had paid for it.

After some practice, I have been able to create beautiful 3D effects art and enjoy exploring my creative side with this fun tool! For anyone looking for an interesting way to express themselves artistically, I recommend giving the Magical Water Floating Pen a try – know that you may run into some quality control issues like what I had. Thank you!

After the phone call, I forgot to mention that the company instantly sent me a free replacement market set. So I am quite satisfied with the support and after-sales stuff.

The floating pens are also double-ended with bright colors. The Double-Ended Floating Pen has a great user advantage – it comes with two different ends. The thin end provides precision and accuracy when drawing intricate linework or details. The other end is coarser, which allows you to fill in larger areas quickly and easily. This way, you can use the same pen for detailed work and large area coverage.

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