Guide to stacking cup toys

Stacking or nesting cup toys are one of the first toys people usually give toddlers as it helps improve their emotional and physical health.

The first toddler toy

One of the first toys people usually give to toddlers is stacking cup toys. Stacking or nesting cup toys help in the improvement of emotional as well as physical health.

Some benefits of using stacking cup toys are:

1) Toddlers learn how to sort and stack objects according to size.

2) It helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

3) Stacking cup toys also promote problem-solving skills as toddlers try to figure out how to stack the cups correctly.

4) It is a great way for toddlers to relieve stress and frustration.

5) Playing with stacking cup toys can also help promote social skills as toddlers interact with others while playing.

When children are young, there is often fear, anger, and boredom in their personalities, and the solution to all these problems is to keep them busy with toys that engage their minds and bodies.

The grip is one of the most important skills a child can learn. The stacking cup toy helps children develop their gripping strength. The best thing about these stacking cups is that they are equally liked by

Why stacking cup toys?

Another major benefit of the toy is that it improves the hand and eye coordination of the toddler. He starts recognizing different colors in the cups and then tries to make a tower out of them.

Some kids are not very expressive, and they hide their feelings. The only solution is that you let them enjoy the company of other kids of the same age group. 

This stacking cup toy motivates the kids to play in groups as they try to nest cups on top of each other.

These stacking cups won’t require batteries, so they are most suitable for prolonged use.

Being a mother of 3 kids, I like toddler toys that are educational. That is why I have shortlisted the ones with printed alphabets and numbers.

Another benefit of these stacking toys is that they don’t produce disturbing noises. Secondly, our chosen cups are all lightweight, colorful, and safe.

The stacking cups are also very useful for teaching relative comparison about the size of toddlers. They will learn which cup is bigger or smaller than the other cups. You can ask them questions like which cup is the largest.

Toys like these motivate parents to spend some time with their kids. This is very good for kids’ emotional health as they mature more emotionally.

Stacking cups as rabbit toys

stacking cups are quite popular as a toy for rabbits as it improve their physical and emotional health as well.

Some benefits of using stacking cups for rabbits are:

1) It helps rabbits stay active and exercise their muscles.

2) Stacking cups also promotes problem-solving skills as rabbits try to figure out how to stack the cups correctly.

3) It is an excellent way for rabbits to relieve stress and frustration.

4) Playing with stacking cup toys can also help promote social skills as rabbits interact with others while playing.

Stacking cups team activities

There are a few different games that can be played with cups. For example, one game is to stack as many cups as possible without them falling over. Another game is to try and move a cup from one end of a table to the other using only other cups for support. Finally, another game is to see how many times you can flip a cup over in a row.

When kids play in groups with stacking cups they can engage in following activities for physical and emotional health. You can divide the kindergarten kids in group of two or three for following games.

a) Competition about who makes the tallest tower

b) Competition about which team makes a stack-up tower using the identical color cups.

c) Kids can try to hit the stack cup tower from a distance using three or four tries, and the team who hits the most will be considered a winner.

You can invent any more games, and these community games have the following benefits

1) It helps team members stay active and exercise their muscles.

2) Stacking cups also promotes problem-solving skills as team members try to figure out how to stack the cups correctly.

3) It is a great way for team members to relieve stress and frustration.

4) Playing with stacking cup toys can also help promote social skills as team members interact with others while playing.

The game of stacking cups is simple. Players take turns stacking plastic cups on top of each other, with the goal being to make the tallest stack possible. But you can do a few things to make the game more interesting and challenging.

Here are a few ideas:

1) Use different colors of cups – This can add visual interest to the game and help players keep track of their cup stacks (especially if playing with multiple people).
2) Use different sizes or shapes of cups – Again, this adds visual interest and can also be used to increase the difficulty level. You could use standard plastic cups, but try using Solo cups or even pint glasses for a bigger challenge

What are speed stacking cups?

Speed stacking cups are specially designed cups that are used in the sport of speed stacking. The cups are stackable and have a hole in the bottom so they can be nested on each other.

The sport of speed stacking requires players to stack and unstack the cups as quickly as possible. Different game formats can be played with speed stacking cups, but the most common is the 3-3-3 format, which requires players to stack and unstack three stacks of three cups each.

Players must use one hand to stack or unstack the cups and start with their non-dominant hand. The goal is to complete the task quickly without knocking over any cups.

Speed stacking is a great activity for developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and concentration. It is also a lot of fun! If you want to improve your speed and agility, consider getting a set of speed stacking cups.

Speed stacking games are shown in the video below. The player who performs quickly and stacks all the cups on top will be a winner.

stack up cups brands

Baby’s first stacking cups

Do you have a new baby at your home and want to get a toy for him? When you start your baby toy collection, start with this outstanding nesting cup set. Nesting cups are well-liked for presenting simple ways to play in a single or in groups of toddlers. Toddlers learn to hold and join the cups, improving their concentration.

Our review team ordered this in the first week of January 2022, and the product reached our office the next day. It was well packed and with a noting of Happy Birthday. We were quite satisfied with the packing and the stuff of the toy. Our review team tested the toy set for rigidity by throwing it multiple times on the floor, and the toy proved strong.

 Children love to fix them, pile them up, rotate them and hide them under things. These eight colorful toys have large numbers carved on the base, so an elderly child can exercise counting and begin placing number identification skills.

During birthday parties, you can use these sets to hold a competition in which the kid who makes the complete stack of cups according to the sequence of numbering will be declared the winner.

This is quite popular for teaching kindergarten kids counting and identification of colors. 

Each cup has a distinctive hole in the bottom for water play fun. This extra feature makes them more suitable to use in the bathtub where the kids would live to play different games with water. You can fill them up and watch the water leak out of them. These holes are of different shapes, so water leaks with a different style every time. 

You can use these holes to make different shapes like stars, diamonds, etc.., on play dough.

Its size is 3.5 x 3.25 x 2.5 inches which is the most suitable size for gripping and holding toddlers.

In terms of storage, these cups take much less as they sit neatly inside each other.

Mushie Stacking Cups Toy

 This award-winning product is planned and made on a large scale in Denmark. It is one of Denmark’s most popular toddler toys and surely improves children’s physical abilities. It is 100% free from BPA, PVC, and phthalates, so you need not worry about kids licking or placing the toy in their mouth during teething. This toy help children learn language and motor skills as they try to express their feelings while playing with the stacking cup toy.

Children aged six months to 3 years can play with it or invite their friends for group play. These toys have holes in their bottom, so you can use them at the beach to make shapes on the beach. Children can not only use them for playing but can also use them while taking baths, and it will decrease their fear of bathing as their bath time will be fun.

These toys help children to stack the toy on one another; this starts the learning process for kids. Children enjoy this toy by putting water in it. When water comes out of the bottom of this toy, this makes them happy. Secondly, when they make a tower by stacking the cups on top of each other, it gives them a sense of achievement.

Toddler Nesting Stack Cups

This is one of the best stacking cup toys our review team found, with positive reviews. We tested it and found it quite engaging for toddlers. The children will learn how to stack and differentiate in colors. It improves hand-eye coordination, and kids will learn to focus on things. The children can play with it at home or on the beach as it is also a very good sand toy. The children can learn number identification. Cups are easy to clean, and these can be nested. Children enjoy playing with it, and at a very early age, they start learning. It is an excellent gift for children who love to play with these colorful cups. They build a tower with their effort and make them pleased.

Giving children a challenge to make a stacking cup tower is a sure confidence booster when they complete the task. This toy is especially good for depressed children to keep them engaged in healthy activities.

The length of this stacking cup toy is good for kids up to 3 years old. Younger children can still play with it and make it more fun, as the tower may be larger than their own height.

This toy is a two-in-one toy as it also includes a shape-sorter toy for toddlers. Once they get bored with making towers by nesting cups, they start playing with shape sorters.

These stacking cups come with a storage box so there will be no mess in the kid’s room, and they learn how to keep their room tidy.

Stacking cups with numbers and letters

It is made of high-standard plastic substances and water-based paint. The outer plastic is very even and has no sharp border for safety. It will make kids happy while turning the cups upside down, categorizing them from big to small, and then putting them together as high as possible. It is non-toxic, BPA-free, fragrance-free, and free of pointed objects or sharp borders. The cups are planned so well that they fit into the hands of a little child, and it is an excellent gift for babies six months old and older. The children feel happy while playing with this colorful set of cups.

If you are doing a job of looking after other children as a Nanny or you have your children. This toy is a great one to drain their energy as they spend hours with it.

It has highly positive reviews on Amazon. We ordered this set in March 2022, and it reached our home in Nebraska, United States, right after two days. The toy packaging was superb and fully tapped to avoid any breakage.

The feature that makes it distinctive is that it is a three-in-one toy. Firstly it is a stacking cup toy with the alphabet written on it. Secondly, it is a shape and color sorter toy, as toddlers fit various shapes in their respective boxes. Thirdly it comes with two necessary baby toys: a rattle and a squirt baby bath penguin that throws water from her mouth when you press her belly.

If you are a baby caregiver, you will be surprised to see how much interest toddlers take in this set of toys.

Battat Stacking Cups

Battat stacking cups are one of the top sellers at Amazon in the specific category and are also declared Amazon Choice for 2022. The brand is quite an old brand and started in 1897. It has made quite a good reputation in kids” toys. All the cups settle well comfortably in one large basket. The set has got a total of 10 pieces of different eye catchy colors.

One of the great usages of this stacking cup set is that it is ideal for making sand castles. With a nice handle, you can carry the main bucket to the beach and fill the individual smaller buckets with damp sand and invert over the larger cups. This way, you can build a sizeable 10-story sand castle within a few minutes.

This toy set is based on the principle of cause and effect and sensory play. Kids touch them, understand their shape and try to fit them on top of each other. They repeatedly try to complete the task, creating determination in them.

It is a proven sensory toy that enhances your child’s motor development and mental sharpness. It is also liked by kids when they are in their bathtubs. They use the cups to throw water at each other and have a lot of fun. The cups are made in the USA and are of recyclable material, which is safe for toddlers.


Our review team read almost 2000 reviews, and out of them, we purchased 20 best stacking cup toys, and out of those 20, we shortlisted the five best ones we think are best for our readers. I hope you appreciate our efforts and happy buying.

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