Pretend ice cream shop guide

Is your child interested in learning about money and business? If so, a pretend ice cream shop is the perfect way to let them explore these concepts.

Kids can pretend to be real-life vendors with their ice cream carts. They can make money by selling delicious treats to their friends and family. This is an excellent way for kids to learn about financial responsibility and entrepreneurship.

Why this toy?

Pretend ice cream carts and let your child pretend to be a real-life ice cream vendor.

This is the perfect way for kids to learn about money and business. They can pretend to run their ice cream stand and make money by selling delicious treats to their friends and family.

These carts come with all of the accessories you need, including an ice cream freezer, cash register, cones, cups, spoons, and more. It’s easy to set up and use, so your child can start playing right away.

Pretend ice cream shops come in three types: pretend ice cream carts, pretend ice cream shops, and pretend ice cream trucks. In this post, our review team compared all the top-selling ice cream carts and gave you the list of the ice cream pretend shops that give the best value for your money.

This pretends ice cream toys help boost confidence in shy and introverted kids as they learn to socialize while communicating with other kids in the role-playing game of customer and seller.

Pros and Cons of pretend ice cream shop

There are mixed opinions on whether or not kids should be allowed to play with a pretend ice cream shop. Some parents feel it’s fine as long as the rules are clear and the child knows they’re not actually eating ice cream. Other parents feel it could encourage a sugar addiction or send the wrong message about healthy eating habits. Ultimately, it’s up to each parent to decide what’s best for their child. However, if you do allow your child to play with a pretend ice cream shop, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

-Make sure the play area is clean and clutter-free so your child can focus on their imaginative play.
-Make sure that the kids with whom your toddler is playing won’t use any abusive language.

What to look for?

When choosing a pretend ice cream shop, there are several things you should keep in mind. First, consider the age of your child. You want to make sure the shop is appropriate for their developmental level.

Next, take into account the size of the shop. Some shops are more significant than others, so you’ll want to choose one that is a good fit for your child’s play area.

Finally, think about the price. Pretend ice cream shops can vary widely in price, so be sure to choose one that fits your budget.

No matter which pretends ice cream shop you choose, your child will have hours of fun pretending to be a real-life vendor. Allow them to learn about money and business with their very own shop today.

Pretend games

There are many different games that kids can play with their pretend ice cream shop. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Ice Cream Stand – This is a classic game that kids always love. To play, your child takes orders from customers and serves them ice cream. They can use the cash register to keep track of money and give correct change.

2. Ice Cream Taste Test – In this game, kids will sample different flavors of ice cream and guess what they are. This is a great way to help them learn about different flavors and how to identify them by taste.

3. Scoop It Up – This is a fun game that requires speed and coordination. To play, place a scoop of ice cream on each cone. Then, see how fast your child can scoop up the ice cream and put it in the cone.

4. Ice Cream Match – This memory game will help kids learn about different flavors of ice cream. To play, set out a few different flavors of ice cream. Then, have your child try to match each flavor with its corresponding picture card.

5. Build Your Own Sundae – In this game, kids can use their imagination to create their own sundaes. To play, set out a variety of toppings and let them go to town creating their perfect sundae.

Price Guide

Pretend ice cream shops can vary widely in price, depending on the features and size. Here is a general guide to help you choose the right shop for your budget:

Under $50 – You can find small shops in this price range with basic features. They are a good option for younger kids just starting to play with pretend ice cream.

$50-$100 – In this price range, you’ll find shops with more features and larger sizes. They are a good option for older kids who want more fun with their pretend shop.

Over $100 – The most expensive shops usually have many features and accessories like ice cream scooper, money box, etc. They are a good option for kids who want the full ice cream shop experience.

Famous brands

LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart

It is a special gift for ages two and older. It requires 3 AA batteries, batteries are included with it, and our review team found that the batteries last almost more than a month. You can push the cart here and there to build complete motor skills while listening to happy songs and music. It is a good gift for a toddler who has just started walking as it will help develop his muscles. It improves the remembrance and thinking skills of the kid by following the instruction on six sets of cards. Kindergarten teachers can use these cards to teach concepts like colors, numbers, flavors, and more. It is a good toy for young ones who enjoy role-playing as an ice cream seller. They will enjoy it while moving the cart here and there and enjoy the songs and music. They will feel happy with the magic scooper that scoops up the ice cream. It will make them happy to run their ice cream cart and make new friends across the street and neighborhood. They can ring the bell to tell customers their orders are ready.

Ice creams are specially designed in all flavors that kids like strawberry chocolate and two more colors.

From one part of the ice cream cart, kids had to pick the cone and from the other part and assemble them to make complete ice cream. A piece of winning music is played if the toddler makes ice cream as per the announced instruction.   

Wooden Ice Cream Cart Kids Playstand

The ice cream cart measures  25 x 13 x 40 inches which is a suitable size for kids ages 2 to 7. The children can pretend to play like an entrepreneur starting a business and then become rich by selling ice cream. It is made from high-quality wood and nontoxic paint, so you can be confident that kids are safe even if they lick the ice cream.

The children love to play with it because they love ice cream, and now when they have a full cart of ice cream. They are pleased with this toy as they can interact with other kids while selling ice cream. This toy has won the excellent housekeeping award of 2016, so you can surely add it to the toy bucket of your toddler. It is for children three and above and helps them stay away from mobile phones and enjoy quality time. There are over 30 ice cream pieces and an ice cream scooper.

These pieces look like the real ones and help improve the ability of kids to recognize different colors. This toy cart includes everything needed to start a pretend ice cream shop and organize an ice cream part.

Kids can serve the ice cream in cups, cones, and in the form of an ice lolly as well. 

For kids of Indian origin, ice creams in the shape of Kulfi are also included, and small spoons used to eat ice cream are also part of the package.

Gizmovine Ice Cream Shop Pretend Toy

It comes with a 12-month warranty and friendly customer service, so if you feel the toy is not up to the standard, you can return it. Different shapes and colors of ice cream attract the interest of kids while they indulge in exciting conversations regarding buying ice cream, including the flavor or color of ice cream.

They are also great for kids to grow hand-eye collaboration, motor skills, and shape recognition. It is free from BPA, PVS, or Phthalates and, according to the United States, for kids’ toys. It is for children 2 to 6 years of age and helps them learn how to communicate with other kids and make new friends.

 In this age group, colorful things fascinate children, which is kept in mind while making this ice cream cart. It increases parent-children interaction as parent role play as a customer who comes to the shop to buy ice cream. Parents can teach different things to their children while playing with this toy, like the color of the ice cream, the names of different fruits, and the flavors of ice cream.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Ice Cream Cart

Melissa and Dough have created such a beautiful designed cart that NBC news calls it ‘ the gold standard in early childhood play.’  This wooden snack and sweet cart is a great gift for children ages 3 to 7. While playing with snacks and an ice cream cart, children enjoy the feeling of a real entrepreneur. They have ice cream and snacks that look like real ones. It increases children’s imagination, and they get practical experience while playing with the toy, which fascinates them. It also develops a sense that they must grow up, bear responsibilities, and earn money.

The ice cream cart has a sliding transparent cover that kids move to open and get the ice cream out of the cart. Ice creams are already visible in the cart, making them a source of more temptation.

The ice cream cart is of an ideal height for kids of age 3 to 7 years so that they won’t have to bend to play with this toy.

Another great feature is that the kids can use this ice cream cart as a hot dog and burger cart. When they are not in the mood to role play in an ice cream shop, they can play different games and have more fun. When they role-play as burger shop owners, they are provided with chips, ketchup bottles, and plates to serve to clients.

Ice Cream Cart from Tiny Land Store

The ice cream cart is very strong, and its durability keeps the children safe from any sort of accident while selling ice cream. It is made with a strong steel frame, iron poles, and durable cotton-polyester canvas fabric. It is built strong so the children remain safe while playing with this cart, and kids can even run holding the cart and make videos.

It is designed for kids whose ages are 2 to 10. It is suitable for occasions like picnics; you can even put it in your car and take it along.

 Children can easily take it from one place to another as it is very lightweight.

 Children can play with it at birthday parties, on the playground, and in the classroom, where there are a lot of children, and they learn how to communicate effectively. Playing with the ice cream cart promotes healthy outdoor playing activities and helps them know how to manage money, learn math, how to count the cash, and deductive skills. They learn the business while playing with their ice cream cart and grow up with a healthy mindset.

Assembly of the ice cream cart was relatively easy but had to be done by some elder family members. The video instructions are available on YouTube, and the assembly hardly takes 5 minutes.

Noetoy Ice Cream Cart

Noetoy has excellent ratings on amazon, and with a very small price tag of as low as 20 dollars, you can get real value for your money. The ice cream cart is designed with toddlers in mind and has round edges from all sides. The music and rhyme audio quality is superb, and kids instantly start dancing when they reach the ice cream cart. Flashlights are part of the ice cream cart, making it look superb even at night.

This ice cream cart comes with a wide variety of ice creams, drink cans, crisps, and other accessories, which add more pretend-play fun.

Ice Cream Truck Play Tent

This ice cream cart is designed in the shape of an ice cream truck, as in some cities in the United States, ice cream trucks with music are pretty popular among kids. The ice cream truck comes with six sweet melodies for selling ice creams that kids can choose from. This gift of yours to your kid is your first step is to taking him away from electronic gadgets and games.

The ice cream truck is quite roomy  (55 x 31.5 x 27.5 inches), and you can fill it with balls, and kids can play inside. If you have two or more kids at your home, it’s an ideal gift.

If your kid is underconfident and won’t speak with other friends, you can tell him that we are opening a shop for you where you have to take orders. This will surely boost his confidence as he sells ice cream and collects money using the fake currency notes that come with this pretend ice cream cart.

On the wall of the ice cream truck is a complete list of various ice creams available on the cart, and the kids pretending to be buyers have to tell from the list.

Little Tikes Lemonade and Ice Cream Stand

Little Tikes is a famous brand in kids’ toys, and it is known for durable toys this ice cream cart is not an exception. If your kid has some more pretend food items like pretend pizza set or pretend fruit set, then this ice cream cart can be used to sell anything your kid wants. The ice cream cart is realistic and has a button that starts playing music that attracts the customers and informs them that the ice cream seller is here.

A chalkboard and chalk are included in the package so that kids can design a personalized menu for their ice cream shop.

The list of accessories included in this play set is three ice cream scoops, two ice cream cones, two ice cream sandwiches, two pull-apart popsicles, red, white & blue popsicles, two lemon slices, an ice cream scooper, a lemonade pitcher, 2 cups, two bowls, two spoons, umbrella, bell, towel, & chalk.

With so many accessories, kids can have a lot of creative role-playing games, enhancing their imagination.


I think that an ice cream cart is a great toy for toddlers as they learn basic math and the art of buying and selling. This pretend toy enhances their communication skills and makes them more confident.

You can buy this toy for a physically disabled kid who can just sit and pretend to sell ice cream to other kids.

I hope my list will help you if you plan to buy one.

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