Famous hoverboard brands speed comparison

I was a student of high school and many of my friends in New York come to school on their hoverboards. They used to compete with each other on their hoverboard and this race is won by the guy whose hoverboard is fastest. From this point my quest started to find the fastest hoverboard and in this quest i compared speeds of many popular brands of hoverboards.

Every day, my friends would come to school on their hoverboards and race each other at the end of classes; the winner is determined by whoever’s hoverboard can reach top speed faster than anyone else’s. One day, I started wondering: what if there was a way for me to beat them? What if there was some secret that nobody knew about that could help me win? That night, as I lay in bed trying unsuccessfully to fall asleep, an idea came into my head. I decided to make a blog post of the speed of various hoverboards and that’s the story behind this post.

I’ve always wanted one myself, but my parents keep telling me that it’s not safe and they want their only daughter to be careful with her safety while she’s still in high school (and take driver’s ed classes). The way mom and dad tell it, these boards are like skateboards without wheels- you can’t control yourself if something goes.

I first researched about how much power does it need, what kind of battery should be there, blah blah blah… but after talking to some engineers they said that these things don’t matter at all! Speed depends more on weight, so now I’m trying different weights(heavy ones) for every brand.

Factors that impact speed of hoverboard

The amount of power put into the hoverboard and traction will affect speed. The more surface area and weight on the hoverboard, the harder it is to maintain a speed.

With a greater mass there is increased acceleration but decreased top potential speed. With better traction there is less friction and less energy used maintaining balance as well as reduced fatigue from distribution of body weight.

Finally, will determine air flow which has an effect on aerodynamics as well as those that come against those forces such as slopes or inclines

Jetson sphere hoverboard

Jetson shpere hoverboard’s maximum speed in up to 10 miles per hour with a price tag of almost 150 dollars. With a 36 volt battery you can use it for almost 2 hours continuously.

Geekme hoverboard

Geekme hoverboard also travels up to 10 miles in an hour but it is a bi costly (300 dollars) as compared to Jetson sphere.

Skywalker hoverboard

Skywalker hoverbaords are although must costly as compared to geekme and jetson hoverboards, but their max speed reach up to 12 miles per hour on a single charge.

Jetson impact hoverboard

Jetson hoverbaords are also one of the favorite of those people who like high speed. With a single charge they can travel at a speed of 12 miles in an hour. They have a durable 25.2 volt rechargeable battery and price range of almost 200 dollars.

Gotrax hoverboard

Gotrax hoverboards can reach up to the speed of 7 miles per hour but in a single charge you can travel only uo to 4 miles. Weight of frame is 20 lbs which is quite nominal. Price of various models of Gotrax vary from 100 to 200 dollars.

Rydon hoverboard

Similar to Gotrax, Rydon hoverboard can achieve maximum speed up to 7 miles per hour and in a single charge you can travel up to 3 miles. it has an impressive price tag which falls under 100 dollars.

Hummer hoverboard

Hummer hoverboard is one of the fastest in our list with a maximum speed of 10 miles in an hour. With a price tag of almost 350 dollars. With a single charge you can travel up to 8 miles so it is my recommendation if your school or work place is more than 5 miles away.

Official Halo Rover X Hoverboard (HALO BOARD)

Although quite costly (500 dollars) this hoverboard can also travel at a speed of 10 mile per hour. However the battery is quite strong and can help you travel for 2 hours continuously (20 miles).

SWAGBOARD hoverboard

SWAGBOARD hoverboard is quite famous for its large tires and weight bearing capacity (420 pounds). So if you are an over weigh person you can still use this hoverboard confidently. SWAGBOARD outclass all its competitors in terms of speed as you can travel at a speed of 12 miles per hour in a single charge. With that high speed you can buy this high speed device in almost 400 dollars.

Speed comparison table of famous hoverboards

Brand NameMaximum SpeedPrice Tag
Jetson sphere10 miles per hour150 dollars
Geekme10 miles per hour200 dollars
Skywalker12 miles per hour800 dollars
Jetson impact12 miles per hour220 dollars
Gotrax8 miles per hour100 -200 dollars
Rydon7 miles per hour100-150 dollars
Hummer10 miles per hour350 dollars
Halo Rover X10 miles per hour500 dollars
Swagtron SWAGBOARD12 miles per hour400 dollars


While comparing hoverboards, speed is one of important factors. According to our research Swagtron SWAGBOARD and Skywalker are best in terms of speed.

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