Top three toy cars that turns into a boat

In my childhood I would always dream to have a car that turns into a boat. At that time I never had such a toy car but now there are many such cars available for our kids. Our review team had gone through tons of toy cars that convert into a boat and we have chosen the best three cars for you. It is one of the most amazing toys which is suitable for kids age 7 to 14 years of age.

We have chosen toy cars that have well sealed body so water doesn’t enter into them in all terrains. Here is the first car in our list. The charging of all these chosen cars is also very easy via USB cable that is the same you use to charge your mobile. Another point our team kept in mind while shortlisting cars is the durability of the toy after falling from heights.

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Our recommendations for best toys cars that turn into boat

Now the wait is over and here goes our chosen products,

Rc Stunt Car Boat with remote

Best Pick
Rc Stunt Car Boat with remote

This car boat comes with a rechargeable battery which lasts for almost 4 hours. The remote control works perfectly fine even if the car is at a large distance from remote.

Due to special rubber used it works perfectly in water as well as land. It is a perfect stunt car and you young kid can enjoy its jumps and flips. In video below you can see the functioning of the car in water.

Due to strong motor the car drives on land at an exceptional speed of up to 20 km/hour. Our review team tested it both on land and water and found its performance up to the mark. Due to patented interference free technology multiple players can compete with each other at the same time.

If your kid is a fan of boat racing, this is a must have toy which even flip with waves. Your kids can have fun with this toy at local pool or lakes during pool parties or picnics. The supplier has excellent rating for after sales support and life time warranty. We also tested the car in wet grass and snow as well and the car moved freely.

DEERC K-08 Remote Control Car Boat

Staff Pick
DEERC K-08 Remote Control Car Boat

This is one of the most hot selling cars on Amazon that also converts into a boat. It moves very fast on both land and in water. Not only kids but many adults have given five star rating to this toy. You can make fun with this toy during beach parties and do a lot of pranks as well like frightening your friends.

If your kid is a fan of water sports like boating, sailing, speed boating and jet boating then this gift is ideal for him. This boat has a shock proof design so even if it falls from a height it bears the fall. After a complete charging you can play continuously for an hour with this boat cum car toy. The LED lights look superb at night and overall this is a super duper gift for your son’s birthday.

The car has high sensitivity and it can move in all four directions conveniently. Due to a special propeller its speed enhances when moving in water.

BeeBean Amphibious Remote Control Car Boat

Budget Pick
BeeBean Amphibious Remote Control Car Boat

The next car chosen by our team is from BeeBean brand and it also had excellent reviews at Amazon. This stunt car has multiple functions and it is popular among both girls and boys. You can confidently gift it to your daughter on her 7 to 9th birthday. After 3 hours of charging this car your kid can play with it for half an hour. This car easily converts into a boat and is suitable for all terrains.

This adaptability on all terrains is possible for specially designed wheels. Due to these wheels the vehicle can even move freely on mud, water and sand as well. It is totally water proof so your kids can play in swimming pool or even in rain.

The middle of the car is designed like a football so if your kid is a football or rugby fan he will be delighted to have this as a gift. Due to anti slip strips on the wheels, the wheels lasts longer free from scraping. Due to specially designed wheels the car also has climbing functionality on mountains and hills.


We have tried to shortlist the best toy cars that turn into a boat. I hope your kid will also love this stunt car and enjoy with it as a boat as well. All the options we have chosen are rechargeable so you won’t have to spend an extra bucks on purchasing batteries.

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