How to use a flying ball?

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Marry Nikolson Staff asked 6 months ago

My son who is 8 years old is asking me that he needs a flying ball as a gift on his birthday. But I am not sure how to use a flying ball toy and is it harmful for kids and can it cause any injury?

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john fan Staff answered 6 months ago

A flying ball toy is very easy to use and charge. You can charge it with the same cable taht is used to charge your android phone. It hardly takes an hour to charge it. To start using the flying ball you just have to press a button at the bottom of ball.
Although the flying ball toy looks very stunning because of glowing colors, but it must be used by kids under supervision of elders. If kid is under 4 years of age, then the sharp wings of the flying ball toy may harm the kid. I saw in our nearest playground that one kid started his flying ball and it touched the face of a small kid playing near by and he started crying.

anny khan Staff answered 6 months ago

Its very simple just old the flying ball with the fingers or put it in your palm and switch on the button.  But make sure that the flying ball is a bit away from your forece. However the flying balls are intelligent enough that they tend to move away from objects to avoid collision.