Difference Between LEGO Duplo, Junior & City

Toys are essential in a child’s development because they help them learn and develop different skills. Toys help children develop cognitive skills such as memory and creativity and allow them to learn about problem-solving through play.

Different types of toys have other impacts on kids learning and their motor learning skills. This is very important for the parents as to what type of toys there are providing their kids to play with.

For kids to learn skills such as coordination and hand-eye coordination, toys that will help their development physically and mentally should be provided. Building blocks play an important role here.

LEGO: Best Building Blocks Manufacturers Since Decades

What is better than building blocks if you’re looking for some fantastic toys for your child to play with? We have long memories with building blocks as once we were also playing with these blocks.

LEGO is the oldest brand that has been manufacturing high-quality building blocks for years. There are many models of bricks for different age range produced by LEGO.

They can be in different colors, shapes, and sizes. There are many kinds of building blocks, such as

  • Blocks with curved edges or corners
  • Shape sorters
  • Dramatic playsets with people and animals to role-play with
  • Sets that can be used to build different structures

Different Models of LEGOs

LEGO is a very popular game that can be played by kids and adults, both adults and children. One of its great games is the LEGO building block which has many kinds. There are game blocks for building with car themes, animal themes, superheroes, and many more. We’re going to introduce you to these brands:

  • LEGO Duplo
  • LEGO Junior
  • LEGO City

Besides that, we’ll also tell you about each model’s compatibility with the other, their recommended age to play, and building ideas.

LEGO Duplo

LEGO DUPLO is a range of products manufactured by the LEGO Group targeted toward children. The DUPLO brick design was patented in 1969 and has since been introduced as “Duplo bricks” or “Duplo blocks”.

Every child loves to play with LEGO Duplo Building Bricks. These building blocks are suitable for the 1-3 age group. LEGO Duplo bricks are a great way to have fun with your kids, which also helps in their development.

LEGO Duplo is a line of LEGO toys designed for children ages 1-5. Duplo bricks are twice the size of traditional LEGO bricks, making them easier for young children to handle. The blocks are also designed with rounded edges and studs that are easier to grasp.

Duplo sets include themed blocks and characters, such as cars, trains, and buildings. Some sets also include unique elements, such as ramps and gates, that allow for more creative building. Younger children can use the blocks to create simple structures, while older children can experiment with more complex designs.


There are many benefits of kids playing with LEGO.

First, LEGO is a great way to help kids develop their creativity and imagination. They can build anything they can dream up with LEGO bricks.

Second, LEGO helps kids develop their engineering skills. They must figure out how to connect the bricks to make their creations come to life, teaching them how to think critically and problem-solve.

Lastly, LEGO is also a great way for kids to learn about math and physics. They need to use math skills to figure out how many bricks they need to build a specific structure, and they need to understand physics concepts such as weight and balance to make sure their structures are stable.

Difference Between LEGO Duplo and Regular LEGO

Duplo bricks are double the length, height, and width of standard regular LEGO bricks. The word ‘Duplo’ is derived from ‘double’; therefore, the brick size is double the size of a traditional unit.

Duplo bricks also have a much broader base than regular LEGOs. This ensures that the bricks remain stable after being stacked and prevents small children from swallowing them.

  • Are LEGO Duplo Compatible with other LEGOs?

Yes, LEGO Duplo blocks are entirely compatible with other LEGO brand blocks. Because they fall under the same building block line, Duplo and LEGO play well together. The only difference between them is that Duplos are slightly bigger than regular-sized LEGOs.

  • Pieces in LEGO Duplo 5506, 4623, 10833,5507, 10615, 10572, 45025

The above-mentioned LEGO Duplo Building blocks have the following number of pieces:

LEGO Duplo ModelNo of Pieces
LEGO Duplo 550671
LEGO Duplo 462330
LEGO Duplo 1083339
LEGO Duplo 5507102
LEGO Duplo 1061512
LEGO Duplo 1057265
LEGO Duplo 45025234

LEGO’s Duplo series was developed for small kids with little or no LEGO building experience. Hundreds of design ideas can be built with LEGO Duplo, but it all depends upon the kid’s creativity and motor skill as to how much he can innovate.

LEGO Junior

LEGO Junior is a set of LEGO toys targeted at children aged 3–5. It includes large pre-molded pieces, which are easier to handle than standard LEGO bricks.

The sets feature models of objects such as vehicles, animals, and buildings; the models are intended to be realistic but simplified for young children’s small hands.

The first series of LEGO Junior was released in Fall 2012. The models are wider than regular LEGO bricks, making them easier for small children to build.

This set is designed to provide an easy entry point into the construction toy market through building experiences that feature well-known properties such as The Wizard of Oz and SpongeBob SquarePants.

They contain a small number of non-battery-operated parts, particularly wheels and windows.

Difference Between LEGO Junior, Regular LEGO & LEGO Duplo

The main difference between LEGO Juniors and LEGO is the size of the bricks, making them larger than standard LEGO bricks but smaller than Duplo bricks.

The sets also include larger models with more parts to encourage children to build beyond the base model. These models are not possible in standard LEGO construction sets due to the larger pieces being too big for small hands.

  • Are LEGO Junior sets compatible with other LEGOs?

LEGO Junior elements have the same connections as the standard LEGO System elements and, for the most part, are the same pieces – it’s just the building techniques are usually more straightforward, and there may be more large elements in the set.

  • Spiderman and Car LEGO Instructions

You don’t need to look for instructions on assembling LEGO Junior Blocks. One of the products in this range is the LEGO Junior instruction book. Instructions are available in each package of the product.

First, you must assemble all parts according to the instructions and then play with them. In this way, children can develop their imagination skills and motor functions at the same time.


LEGO City is a theme under which LEGO building sets are released. It includes cars, buildings, and airplanes, among many other themes that have appeared in LEGO sets over the years.

LEGO City is a construction toy set that allows children to build miniature cities. The sets include buildings, roads, cars, and other features that can be used to create a realistic cityscape. LEGO City sets are popular among children and adults and offer a great way to stimulate creativity and imagination. With so many different ways to build and expand your LEGO city, the possibilities are endless!

Generally, “LEGO City” can be described as depicting life in cities. The first toys to use the name were released in the early 1970s. Since then, LEGO has released several themed series of LEGO City sets.

The LEGO Group currently markets three different lines as “LEGO City.” The original line involved a variety of architectural and town life themes, including police stations, fire departments, airports, farms, and various businesses.

Difference Between LEGO City and other LEGO Brands

LEGO City sets are made of plastic called ABS. Traditional LEGO blocks are not made from ABS. ABS is the same substance used to make most action figures.

It’s more brittle than conventional PP plastic, but it provides the colors in these sets, making them more attractive to kids and parents alike.

The truth is that you could easily mistake them for regular LEGO blocks. But it can become hard to tell them apart even when worn down little by little during playtime. They are identical in every other way except one. These are LEGO city blocks.

Compatibility of LEGO City Blocks with Traditional LEGO Blocks

LEGO City is designed to be compatible with regular LEGOs but does have smaller pieces that may become a choking/ingestion hazard for young children. Older children who enjoy both LEGO types could play with the sets, although parents should supervise this activity.

LEGO City 4 Plus and 6 Plus

LEGO City is a popular theme among LEGO products. LEGO City 4 Plus and 6 Plus are building blocks that combine to build a toy car. These building blocks are an advanced version of the old 3-plus series, with more advanced shapes and brighter colors.

The 4 plus and 6 plus LEGO City products have the same size. Each set of building blocks includes pieces that can be used to build a car, driver, petrol tanker, and many other features.

LEGO City vs. LEGO Friends

The new “City” and “Friends” themes that come out every year are very controversial with their targeted audiences: children ages 6-12.

Although the adults who purchase these items for the young girls in their lives might find them sweet or nice-looking, most little girls find the “Friends” theme to be a bit boring and plain compared to what they would typically want.

On the other hand, many boys ages 6-12 have been known to enjoy the “City” theme, which is more likely to capture their attention than a set with pretty colors or an attractive building.

Therefore, LEGO has developed two targeted themes, one for girls and one for boys. This makes it easier for parents to shop for their children.

6 Best Demanding LEGO Building Blocks among Duplo, Junior, and City

We have chosen LEGO’s 6 best building blocks for your kid. You can gift your kids at their birthday, Christmas, new year, and other festive occasions.

Quick Product Review

PreviewTitleNo. of PiecesBrandModel No.More Info
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is LEGO-DUPLO-My-First-Alphabet-Truck-1.jpgLEGO DUPLO My First Alphabet Truck36LEGO DUPLO  10915Click Here
LEGO DUPLO Classic Brick Box  65Lego Duplo10913Click Here
LEGO Harry Potter Hagrid’s Hut  496Lego Junior75947Click Here
LEGO Juniors/4+ Jurassic World Raptor Rescue Truck  85Lego Junior10757  Click Here
LEGO City Town Center790Lego City60292Click Here
LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle  273Lego City60226Click Here

Wrap Up..!

There are three main types of LEGO: Duplo, Junior, and City. Duplo is geared towards younger children ages 1-5. Junior is geared towards older children ages 6-10. City is geared towards adults and teens ages 11 and up.

Duplo sets are larger in size than regular LEGO bricks, making them easier for small hands to grasp. They also have fewer pieces per set, making them less complex and quicker to put together. City sets are smaller in size than Duplo sets and have more pieces per set, making them more challenging to build.

Both Duplo and City sets can be used to create just about anything imaginable – the only limit is your imagination! However,

Ending Note

Kids are inquisitive to learn and are eager to figure out, discover, and explore new things. These Educational Building Blocks will improve your child’s creativity, color recognition, and hand-eye coordination.

Besides, It will bring a smile and happiness to your child—the best Gift for Kid’s birthday, Christmas, and other festive occasions.

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