Chlorine amount guide for inflatable pools

Do you have an inflatable pool of any size in your terrace top or backyard. By adding small amounts of Chlorine in it you will ensure that not only the pool is free from bad smells but this will also kill any harmful bacteria present in the pool.

In this article we will explain to you exact amount of chlorine you need to add to the inflatable pool to make it clean.

By book formula you have to add 0.013 ounces or 0.36 grams of chlorine per 100 gallons of pool water.

Do I need to add chlorine in my inflatable pool?

Before going into the discussion that what amount of chlorine should be added we should first decide that do we really need to add chlorine in inflatable pools. No doubt that chlorine is added in traditional swimming pools since decades due to its anti bacterial affect and cleaning properties.

However if you have large size inflatable pool it is neither possible nor economical for you to change the water every time you or your kids enter into the pool. Even if the water is just one day old it is wiser to add the required amounts of chlorine into it. This will also decrease chances of diarrhea if your kid accidentally intakes pool water through his mouth or nose.

Guidelines before going into measurements

For your ease we have mentioned the amount of chlorine for different pool sizes separately in ounces, grams and also in tea spoons (US). But it is always preferred that you don’t exceed the amounts mentioned in ounces and grams and for that you should weight the chlorine using any kitchen weighing scale.

Tabular representation of chlorine amount

Pool SizeAmount of chlorine (ounces) Amount of chlorine (grams) Tea Spoons(US)
10ft X 24in 0.1105 ounces 3.13 grams Little More than Half
8ft X 24in 0.0676 ounces 1.91 grams Less than half
15ft X 33in 0.338 ounces 9.58 grams 2 tea spoons
12ft X 30in 0.195 ounces 5.52 gramsMore than one
10ft X 30in 0.13 ounces 3.68 gramsone tea spoon
18ft X 48in 0.832 ounces 23.58 grams5 tea spoons
15ft X 48in 0.585 ounces 16.58 grams4 tea spoons

10ft X 24in pool

The pool is 10 feet wide and 24 inches in height and it contains 850 gallons of water. In this pool you have to add 0.1105 ounces or 3.13 grams of chlorine. In layman terms you have to add little more than half of tea spoon of chlorine in pool water.

8ft X 24in pool

This pool size of any brand almost contains 520 gallons of water. And in this much water the amount of chlorine required is 0.0676 ounces or 1.91 grams. In simple words this is equivalent to little less than half tea spoon.

15ft X 33in pool

A pool size of 15ft X 33in can contain 2600 gallons of water. For this inflatable pool or a swimming pool you need to add 0.338 ounces or 9.58 grams of chlorine. In simple words you need to add 2 tea spoons of chlorine in this pool.

12ft X 30in pool

A pool size of 12ft X 30in can contain almost 1500 gallons of water. For this pool you have to add 0.195 ounces or 5.52 grams of chlorine. In simple words this is little more than one tea spoon.

10ft X 30in pool

A pool size of 10ft X 30in can contain almost 1000 gallons of water. For a pool of this much size you need to add 0.13 ounces or 3.68 grams of chlorine. In simple words this is a little less than one tea spoon.

18ft X 48in pool

This is quite a big size pool and usually comes with metal frames to hold that much water. An inflatable pool of 18ft X 48in can usually contain almost 6400 gallons of water. For this much water you should add 0.832 ounces or 23.58 grams of chlorine. In simple words you have to add 5 tea spoons of chlorine to kill the germs in this pool.

15ft X 48in pool

This pool can contain almost 4500 gallons of water and you need to add 0.585 ounces or 16.58 grams of chlorine in water. in this pool you have to add almost 4 tea spoons of chlorine.

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