A detailed guide about flying ball toys

I was at a local park where I saw kids playing with flying ball toys, and I liked the concept. On my nephew’s sixth birthday, I gave her the flying ball as a gift, and she was delighted. The best thing about the toy is that it works indoors and outdoors. Upon striking the walls or other obstacles, the wings automatically stop.

Another great feature is that it can be operated with or without a remote. Without a remote, it flies for several minutes in the sky and then returns automatically to the kid. The colorful LED lights built into these toys create a tremendous effect when they fly in the dark.

Although the wings rotate very fast, they are harmless to your kid as the robust sensors automatically stop instantly when an object is sensed.

If you are searching for a birthday or any occasion gift for a toddler under 12 years of age, this is a highly suggested option. Our review team has spent several hours searching for the best flying toy balls across the Internet. Here are our top products. I hope you like them.


To start playing with the toy, simply throw it into the air, and it will start flying. Alternatively, you can use the remote to control its movement. The remote has two control buttons – one for going up and the other for coming down.


Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your flying ball toy:

-Make sure there is enough space around you to avoid hitting obstacles.

-Don’t try to catch the toy while it is still in the air, as it can be dangerous.

-If the toy hits something and stops working, don’t worry – just replace the batteries, and it will be as good as new.

The flying toy is designed to fly at a certain height. However, if it flies too high due to air, don’t worry – it will automatically return to the ground after a few minutes.

Avoiding injury

As mentioned earlier, the wings rotate very fast, but they are harmless to kids. However, using them under adult supervision is important to avoid accidents. Additionally, make sure that there is enough space around you to avoid hitting obstacles.

Repairing broken wings

If the toy hits something and the wings break, don’t worry – you can quickly repair them using glue. Just apply a generous amount of glue to the broken parts and wait for it to dry. Once the glue is dry, your toy will be as good as new.

Price Guide

The price of flying ball toys varies depending on the brand and features. However, you can easily find one that suits your budget. A typical flying ball toy usually costs between $15 and $30.

Charging Guide

To charge the flying toy, you will need to connect it to a power source using the included USB cable. It takes about 30 minutes to fully charge the toy. Once it is charged, you can play with it for up to 8 minutes.

Flying ball toy brands

Here is a list of some popular brands that sell flying ball toys. We have also included their prices to give you an idea. We have shortlisted only those brands that offer good quality products.

JIETENGFEI Flying Ball with Disco lights

Weight3.04 ounces (0.19 pounds)
Age4 years and up

Our hand movement controls the flying ball. When we place our hand beneath the toy, it senses our hand movement and flies accordingly. It does not require a battery you just need to charge it as it comes with a USB port. . If you are still confused that how it works, here is a sample video to explain.

It gets charged in about 30 minutes, and you can play it for about 20 minutes. It is environmentally friendly as it uses ABS plastic, a non-toxic material. It is entirely safe for your child as its propellers are harmless. It has a 360-degree rotation, and it changes colors which look superb at night.

Zopped Flynova Pro Ball Toy

Batteries1 AAAA batteries required. (Included)
Age6 months and above
Weight5.6 ounces (0.35 pounds)
MaterialABS Plastic

Are you still worried about a present for your siblings or children? We present to you the advanced form of flying balls. This Flynova pro ball is oval or sphere-shaped, which means it is easier to control, and it doesn’t hurt when we try to grab it.

You can buy an additional 12$ wand to help control the Pro ball. (It’s optional). It uses a micro USB port to get charged. It has a max height of 15m with a controller/wand. It has a strip of beautiful LED lights.

For safety, it has a fully enclosed motor and propellers. It is pretty strong as it doesn’t break from even 15m height. It mostly glides its way down. It is also an ideal toy for indoor games thanks to its artificial intelligence, it senses the walls and moves back before hitting them. Overall it’s a PERFECT indoor and outdoor gift.

It has a fully enclosed motor and propellers for safety. It uses a micro USB port to get charged. It does not hit the wall because of its Artificial Intelligence. It has a lot of beautiful LED lights on it.

Flying ball drone

MaterialABS Plastic
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer battery required (included)
Age5 years and up
Weight1.06 ounce (0.06 pounds)

This is the third item on our list because of its safety and artificial intelligence. The Flying ball drone has five high-tech motion sensors for detecting obstacles and steering by hand.

It is completely safe for children as the propellers are built inside the ball drone. That means no one can get hurt. It comes with a rechargeable Li-Po battery and a USB charging connector charging table. It is made up of ABS plastic which is environmentally friendly, and it can easily withstand countless crashes.

Because of its artificial intelligence and the feature to hover, it is an ideal indoor and outdoor toy for teens and children.

It uses a rechargeable battery. It is environmentally friendly and can withstand countless crashes. It is an indoor as well as an outdoor toy. Its high-tech motion sensors help in detecting obstacles.

CUKU Flying Toy Ball

Weight2.9 ounces (0.181 pounds)
AgeThree years and above

CUKU Flying Toy ball is famous for its Quality and Safety. It has high-tech sensors that detect obstacles and prevent them from hitting the toy. Even if you accidentally touch the working propellers, they will automatically stop so that no one can get hurt. If we place our hand beneath the flying toy ball, it flies, and to prevent it, we need to let it hover, or we can grab it as it does not hurt.

After charging 20 min, the toy will fly for 30 minutes which is way more time than the other products. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB charging cable.

It has a strong body that can withstand countless crashes. Even if unluckily the toy’s propellers break, it comes with extra propellers and a remote for better control of the toy. Overall it’s a PERFECT toy for children, teens, and adults.

Flying Basketball toy

Age5 years and above
Weight2.9 ounces (0.181 pounds)
MaterialABS Plastic

This flying toy comes with 1 USB charging cable + a basketball toy design + 1 remote controller to control the toy although it has high-tech hand sensors still, there is a remote if the toy gets out of control.

It has a very outstanding design and beautiful LED lights that make it prominent at night. It is safe for you and your child as it is specially designed for indoor and outdoor areas. It is very lightweight, which makes it easier for Beginners to control and play with. Overall it’s a great Christmas Gift.


Our review team at ToysLoved.com has individually tested the mentioned flying ball toys so that we present only the best ones to you. We would be glad if you leave us a comment regarding your favorite toy.

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