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This is a list of the best toy organizers with bookshelves in the market right now. And we’ve listed a decent variety that suits many tastes. Different kids have different wants. Depending on their age, they might not appreciate a bright and colorful toy organizer because they want to feel ‘grown-up’, and getting something with a more wooden element in it might be the way to go. Before any purchase, it’s generally a good practice to sound out what the person you’re buying for likes beforehand. Unless it’s a gift. In that case, go with your gut.

At a Glance:

Getting kids to focus on anything is a hard task. And it becomes harder still if what they’re supposed to do is boring and monotonous. Getting them to clean up after themselves and tidy up their rooms is one of the harder things to teach a growing child. But it is one of the crucial parts of good parenting. Getting a new and fun bookcase or toy organizer will not magically make your child want to clean up or focus on reading his or her letters and numbers. But with a little bit of make-believe, it becomes much, much easier.

Why to have a toy organizer

A toy organizer with a book shelf can be a great asset for any home with young children. It can help to keep the play area tidy and organized, making it easier for both kids and adults to find what they need. It can also help save space by storing toys in a more compact way. Plus, having everything organized can make clean-up time faster and less stressful.

This can be a tremendous help for when they are looking for a specific toy or want to play with something new. Third, having all of their toys in one place can help children learn how to take better care of them. When everything is neat and organized, it is easier to put things away properly and keep track of where each toy is supposed to go. This can teach kids important skills like organization and responsibility.

Our chosen toy organizer with bookshelf

DesignToys for Grown upsRetailer
Best PickSauder Pogo Bookcase & footboard
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Staff PickECR4Kids Birch 2 Shelf Storage Cabinet
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Budget PickCostzon 3-Tier Kids Toy & Storage Organizer
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ECR4Kids Birch 5-Section Kids’ Storage Organizer Shelf
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Multicolor toy organizer with book shelf
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Sauder Pogo Bookcase & footboard

Best Pick

The Sauder Pogo Bookcase and foot-board is a simple toy organizer coupled with a bookcase that can fit in any living area. While it is not the flashiest of furniture pieces around, its soft white tones and muted look make it so that it can go with any aesthetic no matter what the interior design of the room. There are two large containers at the bottom with a flared out front which can serve as excellent toy organizers, and later, footboards. And directly above the foot-boards are two large bookshelves or bookcases. Since the shelves are larger than normal they can easily hold larger coloring books that are usually sold for children which don’t usually fit in a normal bookcase.

The partition between the foot-board and the bookcase has an added feature of a nameplated built-in. For the people who have more than one child, it is a headache and a half to maintain peace between siblings. And carefully categorizing which toy belongs to which child is key in maintaining this fragile balance. And the toy organizer will help with just that.

ECR4Kids Birch 2 Shelf Storage Cabinet

Staff Pick

So far the two types of the best toy organizers with bookshelves we’ve discussed have been leaning towards storing toys. The ECR4Kids Storage Cabinet is a little bit different. It is meant to not so much store toys as it meant to serve as a display rack for toys and books. The cabinet is divided into two large shelves. You can designate the one at the bottom for toys and one at the top for books or vice versa.

Nowadays, LEGO toys and other building block toys are really popular with kids. They allow them to show their creativity and build something unique and often times the kids want to show off what they’ve accomplished and want to display them for a time. The ECR4Kids cabinet is a great choice for this purpose. It is easy to access for kids since it is so low on the ground level and the display rack is large enough to hold any toy. Pairing together toys and books is a genius idea since it allows kids to associate the fun of playing with toys with reading books and studying. While it is not enough to completely overturn the notion of books being boring, it still helps.

Costzon 3-Tier Kids Toy & Storage Organizer

Budget Pick

One of our favorite toy organizers on the list, the Costzon Toy Organizer gives off a cozy feeling, and it’s hard to put a finger on why. Maybe it’s the color scheme that they’ve chosen. Dark chocolaty brown interspersed with white to provide shocking contrast. Or maybe it’s because of the sloping design of the footboard that juts outwards. Either way, if we had to pick the organizer that we like the most and the one we think will fit into any room, the Costzon Toy Organizer would win. Maybe not by a landslide, but it would still win.

There are two large bookcases at the top with three cloth drawers directly below them. The middle drawer is larger than the ones on either side and all of them are detachable for cleaning purposes. Below them are three tall toy storage spaces with the bottom jutting outwards providing additional storage space.

Construction-wise, it is built using thickened MDF boards that can bear the weight of up to 66 pounds, plenty for holding many toys. But don’t overdo it on the books. The drawers are made from non-woven material to prevent the entire thing from getting too heavy and adding tension to the MDF boards.

ECR4Kids Birch 5-Section Kids’ Storage Organizer Shelf

The products we’ve discussed here are all good choices that have plenty of storage space for the average household. But what if it’s not enough? We said at the beginning, the needs of people are different. And if what you’re concerned with is more storage space in the best toy organizer with bookshelves than the ECR4Kids 5-Section Storage Shelf has you covered. It is the most versatile piece of furniture on this list. As it can not only serve as a great toy organizer for multiple kids, it can also serve as an excellent storage space for many other things.

There are 8 cubbies in this Storage Organizer. There are three at the top with two below them that are slightly wider and three below them mirroring the ones on the top. The entire construction is made out of high-quality birch with a natural wood finish. It is non-toxic, lead and phthalate-free, and GREENGUARD [Gold] Certified. There are also casters at the bottom to help move the bookshelf since it is somewhat difficult to carry owing to its Birch-wood construction. On the flip side, this adds a lot of durability to the organizer.

Multicolor toy organizer with book shelf

As we’ve mentioned before, when buying a furniture item, it is important to know where it is going to be placed beforehand. Whom is it meant for and how are they going to use it. Since we’re talking about the best toy organizers with bookshelves here it’s assumed that the product is meant to be used by children. All children are different but generally, the younger one is the more one is attracted to bright and glowing colors. And this toy organizer has that in spades. So that might be a consideration.

As for the features, the Best Choice Toy Organizer comes with three bookshelves made using high-grade tensile fabric. They come in different colors to help young kids differentiate between the different shelves. Below the bookshelves are six drawers that tilt downwards and don’t close all the way so that the contents of the drawers are never hidden. This helps the child in remembering where they put what. The drawers are also made of colorful fabric.

This entire set is held together by using lightweight wood supports on both sides. This allows the bookshelf to be moved around without any hassle. So redecorating the room is easy as pie.


This is the list of the best toy organizer with bookshelves that we’ve put together. Although it is not an exhaustive list of products, we’ve strived to add a variety of them with a focus on quality. We know that the needs of each individual are different. Some people need a somewhat basic solution that is a quick and easy fix for an immediate problem while others need something more long-lasting that will stand the test of time. Some people need a lot of storage while other need just enough. We hope that we’ve helped in finding you the perfect toy organizer with bookshelf.

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