Best light up drawing board for toddlers in 2021

Is your child interested in drawing or painting and he always makes a mess from paints or draws his imagination on the walls? And you are looking for a product that can satisfy your child’s needs and doesn’t make a mess. If yes then you are at the right place. Me and my review team have put a lot of thought in this topic and came up with our top 5 light up drawing board for toddlers. I hope you like it.

We have spent tons of hours before we shortlisted these drawing boards. We not only read individual reviews but also our review team ordered these products in actual and evaluated the toys individually before we suggest them to our blog readers.

At a Glance:

My son developed the art of making sketches after I gave him the gift of such drawing board. I was totally crying when he made a sketch of his favorite actor and showed it to me. He mostly used YouTube videos to draw sketches and this drawing board has gone a long way and helped him a lot in improving his drawing skills.

So for sure if you feel that there is a hidden artist in your kid, do gift him with one of these light up drawing boards and I am sure that you won’t regret.

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Our recommendations for best light up drawing board for toddlers

DesignBaby And toddler toysRetailer
Best PickNoa Store fun light up drawing pad
Check Price
Staff PickMISM LCD Rainbow Writing Tablet
Check Price
Budget PickLight up Drawing Pad with magic pen
Check Price
Obuby Kids Light Up Drawing Board
Check Price
KOKODI LCD glowing Writing Tablet
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Noa Store fun light up drawing pad

Best Pick

Today I present to you our first product of this review. It is known as Fun Drawing Pad Board. It is ideal for toddlers and children as it does not create any type of mess. You only need a dark room not completely dark but a little dark. It comes in 2 different sizes A4 and A3. It comes with a pen and multiple slate type things with different shapes in it. The pen shoots light rays on the slate and a mark appears. Just a bonus point the mark on the slate gets removed after 3 minutes automatically. I don’t think you would regret buying this product once because it a GREAT product.

It is an ideal gift for Christmas. It develops creativity in children. Improves hand and eye coordination in children. It is light weight and travel friendly.

MISM LCD Rainbow Writing Tablet

Staff Pick

Are you looking for a product that can help your child enhance his handwriting or drawing skills without making a mess. If yes then you are at the right place. MISM LCD Rainbow writing tablet is environmental-friendly and does not emit any kind of radiation. It is made up of a hard material which makes it capable of being water-proof and it can also withstand countless crashes without breaking.

And just if you are thinking it is heavy weighted? I gave great news for you that it only weighs 5 ounces and your child can easily carry it around. It comes with 1 writing pad, 1 stylus, 1 rope (tie the pen to pad), 2 batteries (1 build-in and 1 is spare), 1 wipe cloth and 1 instructions manual. An average lifespan of the battery without charging it is 12 months. One more thing the battery is rechargeable so no worries.

If you want remove or erase the drawing you did just press the delete button below the drawing area. You can also lock the product by pressing the lock button. It comes with a 30 days money back guarantee and 2 Years Warranty. In my opinion it a great toy and in my opinion it can help your child enhance his/her drawing or writing capability.

No harmful radiations are emitted while kids play with it. Students can use it to take notes as well. Its an ideal gift to children on Easter. Ideal for doodling and putting your mind on the board. If your kid loves to make sketches, it can be a great gift for him.

Light up Drawing Pad with magic pen

Budget Pick

Light Drawing Board for Kids is like an endless piece of paper. Whatever you write or draw it automatically gets erased after 3-5 minutes. It comes with 1 reusable magic pad, 2 Led pens, and 2 Stencils. It is great toy to help your child enhance his/her writing or drawing abilities while having fun at the same time. It is completely safe for your child as it does not emit any kind of radiations and it is environmental-friendly. If you are not satisfied from the outcome of the product you can simply refund it. I don’t think you would regret buying this product.

A great gift if your toddler is feeling difficulty in writing alphabets. He will surely develop interest in writing and school related activities after getting this as a gift. If your kid is writing on walls than provide him the alternate and he will surely stop doing that. Your kid can also use it for tracing pictures and illustrations.

Obuby Kids Light Up Drawing Board

This drawing pad is very light weighted and will improve your child’s drawing skills. It comes with 8 other markers of different with which your child can show his creativity, and encourage him to draw on it. It has built-in 4 LED lights which create 9 different light effects which will attract your child to play with. It is one of the best toys for working people because it can keep their child busy for hours. You can also take this toy on any trip because it’s lightweight and can be fit in any small or big bag or suitcase. This toy cannot harm your child anyway and it can also be used by your child to improve his writing skills. It can also be a gift for a child on Christmas or his/her birthday. This toy is highly recommended for children whose age is 3 or 3+.

Buy buying this product you are proving your self as more environment friendly as this toy save lots of paper kids use while writing and drawing shapes. This light up drawing board is harmless to eyes. It weights very less and your kid can carry it effortlessly. An adult can use this toy to make sewing designs or Islamic calligraphy.It is declared Amazon Choice for 2021 due to excellent user reviews.

KOKODI LCD glowing Writing Tablet

This LCD writing tablet has a built-in battery which has a life of 6 months. It can be used without charging or plugging in any electricity source. It comes in 4 different colors so you can give it as a gift to your daughter or sister. This toy can be used by your child to improve his drawing, writing, and math skills. This item’s length is 9.8 inches width is 6.9 inches, height is 0.24 inches which is ideal for you to carry with you on any trip or anywhere you go. If you are worried about the mess it will create so don’t be worried because this toy won’t make any mess. Its weight is 150 grams and its thickness is 1/3 inches. It is the best toy for children whose age is 4 or more than for and is constructed by a professional brand called KOKODI.


I have tried my best to showcase best light up drawing board for toddlers. I would love to see your comments and suggestions on this. I hope your kid’s screen time will be reduced due to such toys.

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