Best fire station playset for kids under 7 years age

A fire station play set is another great toy for kids age more than three years because it will engage the in healthy play time for several hours. I suggest that you allow your kid to assemble one of the fire station play sets by him self and just guide him. This will improve the hand and eye coordination of your child. All of these play sets are made up of high quality ABS plastic and toxin free materials which is totally fit for use of children. I hope our post will help you find the best fire station play-set for kids of all ages. Our recommendation is that you should buy it to your child if he is under seven years of age.

At a Glance:

Our review team had spent several hours short listing these fire station play sets. We have made sure that none of these play sets had sharp edges which can harm the kids while playing. These play sets once assembled, are equally good for both indoor and outdoor use. If you feel that your kid is nervous and shy, then this will be an ideal gift for him. Reason is that when he will role play as a fire man, it will boost his confidence and will ignite the bravery inside him. Another great benefit of these fire station play sets is that it will develop story telling capabilities in your child and they will learn to interact and deal with other children. Mostly children act as a hero in the whole drama which will boost their self confidence.

If you are worried about where to put various small parts and vehicles in this fire station play-set so you can always use the toy organizer.

Why a firestation playset is a good gift

There are several benefits of having a fire station playset for kids. Most importantly, it can help teach them about fire safety and the importance of following instructions. It can also help to instill a sense of service in them, as they learn about the important role that firefighters play in our society. Additionally, it can be a lot of fun for kids to pretending to be firefighters, rushing around and putting out “fires.” So not only can it be educational, but it can also be great entertainment value for kids (and their parents!).

It also allows them to explore their imagination and have fun while playing. Additionally, a fire station playset can help teach kids important skills such as problem solving and coordination.

Our chosen fire station play-sets

DesignToys for Grown upsRetailer
Best PickHape Fire Station Play-set
Check Price
Staff PickKidKraft Everyday Heroes Fire Station PlaySet
Check Price
Budget PickKidKraft Fire Station Set
Check Price
KidKraft Deluxe Fire Rescue Set
Check Price
PLAYMOBIL Fire Station
Check Price
City Fire Station STEM Building Blocks Set
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LEGO Fire Station Building Set
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Hape Fire Station Play-set

Best Pick

This is a great toy for children. This toy is designed on the theme of FIRE-FIGHTERS. This play-set comes with 13 pieces which you want to join in-order to complete the set. This set includes a fire truck with water throwing pipe, a fireman, a fire helicopter, a garage for the fire truck, fire hydrant, fire, an axe and much much more. The pieces are completely harmless and are not tiny so don’t worry its completely safe for your child. You can also get some optional Lego pets with this fire set as well. It is made up of strong plastic so your kids can use it very roughly.

The loud fire alarm gives very realistic feeling of fire.Along with the fire alarm the fire light gives very great impression. Under the price tag of 80 dollars, this toy give your kid hours of fun.The fireman slides down the pole in case of fire which adds more fun activity with this set.Improves the imagination and thinking ability of kids as they role play as a real fire man.The fire truck comes out of garage just by pulling the string.

KidKraft Everyday Heroes Fire Station PlaySet

Staff Pick

This firefighter toy set consists of 3 floors and 13 rooms, each room is filled with the necessary goods a firefighter needs. This toy can easily be moved from one place to another as it can be folded so it takes very less space. Not only it is portable but it is very light-weight too. Plus it comes with 3 vehicles, a helicopter, police motorcycle and a fire truck. It can be hard for a child to assemble it so; you might need to help your child in assembling it. It comes with a detailed step by step instruction guide on how to assemble it so it should be a piece of cake. According to our review team and after review analysis we think that this toy set is worth your money. With a great launch pad on the top and two vehicles, it is one of the best toy for kids who love vehicles.

With three storied building it gives a vast imagination for your kid to role play. Other than fire fighting your kids can use this big three floor building as a doll house. This fire station play set has TV room, exercise room, computer room and also a pet room. You can fold it in just few minutes and your kids room will be clean again.Assembling this play set along with preschool kids will improve the problem solving capabilities in the children.This fire station play set is very durable and even after several years of use it will not break.

KidKraft Fire Station Set

Budget Pick

This KidKraft fire station set is made up of Wood MDF Fabric Rubber which is a very strong and durable type of wood. So, you don’t need to worry about the play-set that it will break after falling as it can withstand several crashes. The detail on the walls makes the play-set even more outstanding. It comes with two vehicles a helicopter and a fire truck.The garage doors can be opened and closed conveniently. It comes with a step by step guide on how to assemble the play-set. It is recommended for kids 2 yrs and above. Our review team declared it one of the best fire station play-set for your child.

All the furniture in the play set is wooden which gives very realistic look. The toy dog, computer and the fire truck all are cool and kids hold them and run holding the action figure fireman. Kids can role play multiple rescue operations and enjoy playing for hours.

KidKraft Deluxe Fire Rescue Set

To build this adorable Fire Rescue set you will get 27 pieces including all necessary fire station items. In the package you will also receive garage with ambulance, fire truck and a helicopter. Children can pretend various roles of a fire man with this play set. It is constructed by strong wood that’s why you should have no worries for it to break or be damaged. It also comes with a bendable firefighter which you can make your character while playing. In the front of the set there is a silver bell which you can ring when some kind of danger or signal of fire alarm. It will come with an instruction document which will tell you everything you want to know about e.g. how to build, how to pay etc. It is made for kids who are 3-8 years old and is made by a professional company called KidKraft which is known for its durable toys.

Due to the ambulance kids can also role play doctor and hospital portion of the game.Great gift for promoting group play in kindergarten. This toys is very good for your toddler’s imagination and improve his communication skills with his pears.

PLAYMOBIL Fire Station

This fire station set can be played by multiple children at the same time while playing different roles. In the package you will also see all the pieces which we need to assemble this set and some fire fighters. It is not that easy to assemble so you might have to help your child while assembling it. Fighting the fire is easy because you have a helicopter which will help you to blow the fire from above. You can also store the fire fighting vehicles in the garage so it is easy to to take them out when you want to. Over all this is one to the best fire set station according to our review team also it is one of top selling toy at Amazon.

One of the best toys for the day cares as it engages the children and boost their imagination.One of the best educational toys for your toddlers that develops creativity in them. Initially it is time consuming to assemble this play set.

City Fire Station STEM Building Blocks Set

This fire set comes with 4 adorable vehicles which include 3 trucks and a very beautiful helicopter. In this fire station you will see a huge building which is very easy to assemble. This fire set will give your child an experience of joy no matter if it is a girl or a boy. The bright colors of the station will encourage your child to play with this set for hours. Your children can play with this toy with different roles and rescue the people who are in need. It will make you child think that he or she is in a different world. Overall this is a very good firefighting set and I love it.

LEGO Fire Station Building Set

Although it is not LEGO related post but we thought it will be necessary to include the top selling Amazon Choice for year 2021 in fire stations. Kids can spend hours in fun filled activities and build three level fire station with fire alarms and lights. Kids can use toy drone to see insights of fire affected areas. A toy fire extinguisher and fire hose is also included in this LEGO set so kid can involve them selves in numerous fire fighting adventures.

It has 509 Lego parts which keep your kid busy.Off-road vehicle is also included in LEGO set.


We have tried our best to shortlist the best fire station play sets for kids of all ages. I hope our efforts will help you reach a good purchase. Do comment below about your choice.

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